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Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
Wow. I thought I would be terribly sad. I was a few weeks ago, but now, I am just thrilled that dd1 is going to get a "normal" rest of high school. Naturally, the first thing she does is try out for an activity that trains early mornings (6 am)! She won't be driving for another year, so I guess old mom will be hauling her to school in the wee hours.

Regionals were kind of fun. For the first time ever, I saw dd1 relax on the competition floor. She biffed it on the beam and didn't seem upset with herself at all.

Scoring was different. There were 4 judges. The high and low are thrown out and the middle two averaged. It's open scoring, so you see all 4 scores. It seems like there'd always be one that was way off. If it was high, we'd joke and say that was the Wisconsin judge, low and we'd say Nebraska. (Not that it matters because high or low, placements should stay the same.) Dd1's scores were consistent with what she'd done most of the year. She finished in the medals, which was her goal.

Dd1 and her lvl 8 teammate will be having a retirement party at the gym on Friday. Next Monday is their last practice.

Dd2 is sticking it out through the end of the school year.


I'm happy for your daughter that she had a good final meet. Nice for her that she's leaving on a positive note. Best wishes to her!
Feb 26, 2007
I am so glad that this is going so well for your family. It is never easy to leave, but it seems as though you are all handling this very well. What sport/activity did she try out for that begins at 6am?


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Glad she had fun and did well at her last meet! I hope you all find new and exciting things to do with all your newfound time! :D

Are you staying around here to keep giving out advice? I find your advice always helpful to see the big picture, especially for the newbies. :D


I can only imagine the mixed emotions. When my dd is done - whenever that may be - I know I will be sad for the end of an era - and also relieved to have more free time (and money, lol). Good luck to you and your girls. Make sure you still pop in on the board though to let us know how life after gym is going.:)

gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
Best wishes to your girls! Its funny we always joke the low scores are from our home state of MN didnt know anyone was harder than us. Best of luck to you.:eek:
Jan 17, 2008
Living at the gym: Best of luck to your DD's. I am they will continue to excel in all that they do! Sounds like they have good heads on their shoulders. And that comes from great parenting.

make sure you keep checking on us! we can all use your wisdom.
Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
Bog - she tried out for dance team. She said it was really tough because as a gym "lefty" she'd would to have to relearn everything leading with the right leg (assuming she makes the squad). Anyway, dance team starts at 6 am (yawn!). I thought marching band start at 6:40 was bad, and that's only a 2.5 month season. Dance team runs all year!

Mariposmama - I'll probably be around for a while. Dd2 hasn't left the gym yet. She plans to be done end of May, but I wouldn't be surprised if she "just one more month"s me until sometime in the summer.

Dd1 is really having fun at practice this week. Last night, she was doing doubles. How cool is that?! I think all three of us will always be fans.

And Gym Monkey's Mom- For the lowest scores in the region, head to Nebraska. Wow, those are tough judges. The good news is that they're consistently low, so placement should be about the same. The gym mom at our gym who is a judge always says is not about the scores but the placement.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Sounds like DD1 is already moving on to some fun things.
I am glad DD2 is giving gymnastics some more time. I hope she sticks with it.
I am glad you are doing better over the adjustment too.
Yikes on the 6 am... who the heck makes young girls go to practice that early besides swimmers, lol.
but at least with swimming you can just roll out of bed and jump in a pool.. No showering or getting ready pressures that jr high and high school girls face in those years.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Good to hear that dd1 is going out on her terms and had a great time at regionals. Sounds like she has come to terms with the life after the gym(even if it is at 6am!).

Keep coming in here to post---hey dd2 may just 1 month at a time through next season!
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