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Nov 5, 2007
Well DD came home from gym 3 days ago saying her ankle was hurting.She can't remember anything in particular she did that might have injured it.Went to gym the next day did not do very much and stayed home the day after that.It looked like it might have been a little swollen.No bruising though.Got her an ace bandage and had her ice and elevate her ankle,She also takes an anti inflammatory.When she moved her ankle around on time there was a loud pop.I believe my DD that she is hurting I just don't know how much.Will probably take her to see a doctor after the weekend to see what is going on.Hopefully nothing mafor.We are leaving to go on a vacation the week after to a different country for 3 weeks.Any thoughts!


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Feb 26, 2007
I would definitely get it looked at as you are going on holiday, that way she will have a diagnosis and treatment plan and lots of time to heal, excellent timing for a vacation. A sports injury doctor might be the best choice if you can see one, they usually will look at her from an athletic point of view.

Best of luck with the pain and trip. In the meanwhile Rest Ice Compress Elevate, it really is the best basic advice.

Jan 17, 2008
There is nothing worse than seeing your kids hurt. I am sorry!

I would take her in to see a doctor if she isnt feeling better during the week. Either way the 3 weeks off from practice should help in healing whatever ailes her!

Keep us informed!


Oh no !!! I really hope it is nothing major and she is feeling better soon - especially for vacation. This sport is so tough in their bodies sometimes. You are doing the right thing with elevation, ice, etc. I would definitely get her checked out at the doctor though. Let us know what happens - we will be sending lots of good luck thoughts your way.
Aug 27, 2006
:(I hope it's not a serious injury. Maybe the time out of the gym will be just what she needs to rest it during your vacation. I'm crossing my fingers that she will be okay soon


Crossing my fingers for a good recovery. Hope it is nothing major. Keep us updated.:(

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
I would certainly get her in to see the doc in the next day or so, just to get a preliminary diagnosis. If your health plan is like many, you have to start with the family doc and get a referral to an ortho. Since you have plans to go on vacation get her in now and get everything started. Your dd does not sound at all like a kid who would just stay home because her ankle was "a little sore." I'm sure they will do some x-rays(just to be careful)----most likely this is an overuse type thing and she may need a little PT or ankle support to wear when practicing.

Hope everything works out so you can all enjoy your vacation and that ankle gets better!
Nov 5, 2007
She is feeling better today so I will see what happens.It is not swollen or anything.She also does not limb anymore.Caught her do bwo's
gym law mom.We do have to start by seing a family doc.


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Feb 19, 2007
For what it's worth: My DD was having ankle issues as well a few weeks ago. She had sprained it badly during the winter training session and I kept her out of gym for a week. It seemed to heal just fine... She has complained about it off and on. Sounds like your DD... there was originally some slight swelling in front of the ankle bone, and a tiny tiny bruise. Then the week before her camp, she complained that it didn't hurt when she tumbled, but it would "randomly shoot pains through my ankle when I'm walking." I kept her out of gym for the rest of that week (4 days) and bought her one of those black ankle supports for her to wear around the house. We iced it several times a day and a physical therapist told me to have to do her "abc's" 4 times a day as well. I had to ask "what are ABC's?" Anyway, she didn't need to wear her ankle support one time at camp, and she's running around here like crazy and says it feels fine now.

I think the icing and the extra support (plus, of course, the rest from gym) are what helped her.
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