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Ok Ok..... I admit it. I'm new to this girl thing. I have been coaching boys for many years, but just decided to take on a couple girls team classes at our gym.

I know "technically" speaking, on a level 7 beam acro series it would make sense if the a girl was going to do a back walkover - back handspring, the walk over usually goes first.

However..... Does it have to be that way? I have a girl who is much more comfortable (why I don't know:)) doing it with the back handspring first.

Thanks in advance!
There is no rule as to which one goes first, but it is easier to miss the connection going BHS first. Generally moving from the slow skill to the "flight" skill gives the gymnast more control and can stay on. I think they are a little more lenient with the connection for level 7, but the rule is supposed to be that if there is any pause they will not give the connection.

As a coach you also have to look at what the long term goal is for the gymnast, I would not stress over the BWO connection do it as she is comfortable if her BHS's are better start working the BHS, BHS.
There are many options for the beam series, and some are easier. The flight skill does not have to be in the series. They can do Handstand step down backwalkover, or handstand step down BHS, cartwheel cartwheel, cartwheel round off, front walkover front walkover.

The flight skill if not in the series can be a round off or back handspring or front handspring.
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