For Parents Another Chicago Meet Report Level 8

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Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Well, we are back from Chicago also. What a great weekend, the
weather was fantastic and so cooperative, we were walking everywhere
in February!!! We arrived on Friday and dd did not compete until
Sunday morning. She had an 8am report time. Friday evening we
walked the Magnificent Mile (stopping at the Hershey Store, of
course) and then ate dinner at Giordano's. We then went back to
hotel and the girls went swimming for about 2 hours!!! We finally
retired to our room around 9pm (which felt like 10 to us). On
Saturday, we went and watched our 9s and 10s compete. After our 9s & 10s meet, we went and had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then went back to the room and got everything ready for the next day because it was going to be an early start.

Sunday rolls around and it is finally competition time. We get to
the Navy Pier and everything was uneventful. Us parents have no
idea what event the girls would be starting on, but then one of the
level 9s who was on the floor with our girls came over and told us -
beam, beam would be where we started! Ya know, that's good and
bad. You get it done and out of the way. Hitting beam could make
for a great start to the meet and if you don't hit, well you have
plenty of time to recover! Turns out dd's first up, so she is
the the very first routine of the entire session/day! As I am
videoing, I am making no sound, because I can NOT breathe! BT -
solid, check. Switch leap - solid, check. BHS-BHS - solid, check.
Full turn - not solid, but just a slight bobble, check. FHS -
solid, check. Dismount - solid (with small hop), check! Wow, she's
done and what a great start to the meet. Turned out she and her
roommate for this past weekend were the only ones who didn't fall on
beam. Score - 9.225, coach told me later that she thought that dd was underscored. How could I disagree, but she was the very first girl up and I know that they needed to leave room. She ended up 6th place.

Floor - Well, it was ok. Her first pass, which is normally
beautiful, she took a huge step forward and I thought she might do a
face plant, but she didn't. I though the rest of the routine was fine, but it only scored 9.3 - 7th place.

Vault - Well, would this be the meet she finally lands her vault?
Oh the anticipation! She did actually land one in warm up, so I
knew she had it in her. Her first vault, she flips and lands on her
feet. On the video you hear me say, wow she landed on her feet!
dd looked like she didn't know what to do since she wasn't on her
knees or her back, then she realized wow I did it and throws her
arms up for a big Judge salute! At first, coach was going to only
have her do 1 vault because her heel was bothering her, but coach
asked the Judges what her score was and they said like 8.75 or
something like that, so coach told dd vault 2nd time. dd went
back and vaulted again and shockingly, she landed her second vault
and it was even better than her 1st. She scored 8.825 - personal
best so far! At awards they went out 12 places for events and she
actually placed on vault, she squeaked in at 12th place!

At this point, I called dh, since I hadn't talked to him all day and
said she hit her vault, she hit beam and floor was ok, wasn't her
best, but the score wasn't too bad either. I then tell him that I
will call him after awards.

Onto bars. Dd has beautiful bars and I thought this would be the
meet that she pulls it all together. Well, wrong. Her kip to
handstand pirouette, she has to do 2 handstands and the 2nd she did
make the pirouette over, but it was archy and not pretty. She jumps
to high bar, clear hip handstand and then falls over - she's off the
bar. My internal thought right then was oh well, not this meet.
She did get up and finish the routine and got an 8.2 - no placement.

AA - 35.55, 9th place. The big thing about this meet was a solid
beam routine and hitting both vaults and quite honestly who cares
about bars. Dd had a wonderful time this past weekend and didn't
want to come home. In ten yrs she will never remember her scores or
placements, but will remember her awesome, fun weekend in Chicago.
We are now preparing for her next meet which is this coming Sunday.
I wish they had a weekend off, they really need a weekend to
recover. All the girls wore their Chicago Style leos yesterday at
practice and it was so cool to see!

Oh, as side note, I have no idea how we did as a team, the results
have not been posted yet - so once I find out I will let everyone

Oh yeah, one last thing - there will be video coming in a day or 2.


Gold Membership
Feb 26, 2007
Great AA score, wonderful that she landed her vault twice at the meet, that is a confidence boost for sure.

It is hard to be first in the first rotation, I always feel that it is the most underscored routine of the day, I am sure her beam was lovely.

Glad you had fun in Chicago.


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
Great job to your daughter. We could have met up there as my DD was in the 12:30 level 4 session on Sunday. Having been our first time there it was amazing to see how big it was. We were in WDW two weeks earlier for the Sand Dollar and it was nothing compared to Chicago. DD cannot wait to wear her leo tonight to practice. I think that they are great leos.


Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Bummer, if only I had known, I would have stopped by for a quick hello. I did get a chance to meet Kristilyn73 and we talked at the hotel for quite awhile. I also met her Beetle and Beetle's teammate.

I love the leos too. They are very soft and seem comfortable on the girls.

Great job to your daughter. We could have met up there as my DD was in the 12:30 level 4 session on Sunday. Having been our first time there it was amazing to see how big it was. We were in WDW two weeks earlier for the Sand Dollar and it was nothing compared to Chicago. DD cannot wait to wear her leo tonight to practice. I think that they are great leos.



Congrats to your daughters--despite bars, sounds like she did great!! I'm so jealous--we didn't go to Chicago this year and I miss it! It was so much fun in the past!


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Your descriptions always make me feel like I'm actually there in the stands. You are absolutely right about the memories, sounds like you guys had a blast in Chicago, that's what your DD will remember!

Good luck to your DD on Sunday. We are off this weekend - the only wkend that neither of my girls are competing, lol. Next wk is little monkey's sectional, followed by 2 meets for the big girl.
Jan 17, 2008
Granny - Beetle and I watched the video and think that K did great! even though I knew she fell on bars I was urging her over on that clear hip!

Rumor around our gym is that we are going back next year!


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Granny, you have the BEST meet reports! I swear I feel like I am sitting right next to you when I am reading them. I just watched your DD's video!


You must be so proud! Where is that cowbell lady now, huh, we need more cowbell! Chicago sounded like fun and your DD really got robbed on that beam...I thought it deserved a higher score!

Hope you did well yesterday at the Star Struck..or maybe you are going there today? We competed with your L4 team and had a blast! Sat next to a Cherry Hill lady that drove me NUTS though...screamed in my ear the entire awards. Not my DD's best day, but as a team we came in 5th & we had some nice scores from fellow teamates!
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