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May 4, 2012
let me start that our booster club has been a mess for as long that I have been a member of the gym 4years. This year I was sort off voted in to take over as president and I accepted. I really did not now the mess I was getting into. our booster club is non profit and have Individual Fundraising accounts (IFA). I know that this is illegal according to the IRS. Our bylaws stink. all they are there for is to protect the gym, there's no rules or ways of collecting money and where they are going.. Gym owner believes that our booster club is there to help support the Gym with equipment and Training for coaches.. like i said before alot of our parents are ticked off at this.
My First question will be if we can have multiple accounts in which we have one non-profit which can go into a pool to use for our gymnast and another account that can be used for IFA for coaches fees and Gym meets.
Second question is that if our non profit account can be used towards training of coaches say for instance Congress? I would really like to Raise money our gymnasts and going towards them such as leo's or A Gym camp. I know funds need to be distributed equally so would that include Gymnasts, Coaches and Gym?
Third how do we go about to establish better bylaws so parents coming in, in the future are aware of how this is ran and what to expect out of Booster club.
So as u can tell i have my hands full but im working hard on making this a better organization for the gymnasts.


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Feb 13, 2012
To be a "Non-Profit" booster club you can't do really alot of what you have listed.

You can't have IFA's at all.

You can't purchases equipment for the gym or pay for trainings of the coaches that is the gym's own operating expense to keep their staff trained

You can't be both "non-profit" and "for Profit" and be the same group

For new bylaws you just start writting new one that meet the Non-profit IRS requirements. If the current ones you have don't meet this then they aren't really valid to begin with.

You can purchase items such as comp leos for the team, Grips for the team etc but all would have to receive it not just one gymnast.

Funds do not need to be dollar for dollar equal. the benifits of what is purchased or spent need to be somewhat equal. For example the boosters can pay for the State meets for the compulsory team (its as far as they can go), Regionals for L8 (as far as they go), and Nationals for L9&L10 (as far as they go) The cost for each of these is not equal but the boosters are paying for the meet that is as high as they can go for their level so the benifit is equal. This could be applied to the Leos for example too. Usually the compulsory levels have a cheaper leo than the Optional team (at least the gyms I've been with have had different ones for those with different costs) So they all get Leos so the benifit is the same but the acctual dollar value is different

They can also do somthing like when you get to this level the boosters will pay for something. So any gymnast who makes it to nationals not as an alternate for example will have their airfare and hotel paid for. All gymnasts on the team will get this when they qualify. The benifit is open to all gymnast but it might be a few years before they are eligible. This could also be applied to grips for example. It could be listed that grips will be purchased once for any gymnast once they are required by the coach/gym. In our gym usually L6 and above have them so once they reach level 6 the boosters will purchase them but only one set of grips ever.

This is from the IRS

It describes 2 booster clubs "A" and "B". A is not operating properly according to IRS and B is. There are explinations after the examples etc.

This site too has tons of info to help you
Parent Booster USA - Parent Booster USA

this link is from that site and helps you get started and be legal if you want to be NonProfit. and Financial Practices[Web site public version].pdf
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