Another Injury - Sprained Wrist

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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
Well, today at practice, i was doing series on beam (hand hand) and my hands like crossed on the beam and my wrist got bent kinda backwards and a little sideways. Well ithurt like really bad and so i iced it for like an hour and luckily one of my teammates mom is a nurse and she looked at it and told me that i needed to go get it checked out so i did and luckily it wasm't broken, but its sprained. they gave me one of those velcro splint/brace thingers and he said that i can do stuff but just to go easy for a week but if it still hurts like this tomorrow, i don't think i'll do much.
I'm kinda wonering how long other people were out for with a sprained wrist or if anybody has any advice for me.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
oh no!! I hope you get better soon! You just can't seem to stay healthy can you?! haha. I have never had a sprained wrist, but my best advice is to take it easy and DON'T do anything that hurts even the slightest bit! That will only make it worse. I hope your wrist heals really soon!!
Aug 30, 2008
awww....ive never sprained anything so i dont have any eperiencd advice..but i would definitely take it easy and let it heal on its own. you dont want it to bcome a recurring problem:eek: hope you feel better soon:)
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