Another interesting season coming up.

Parents... Coaches... Judges... Gymnasts...
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Nov 12, 2007
New England
The great thing about collegiate gymnastics is that it has so much going on. At first glance the number one question is who will be National Champion, can Georgia repeat, will the champ be a team other than the Four who have won it before (Georgia, Utah, Alabama, UCLA), and then even more questions, who will be the individual top performers, conference champions, regional attendees, USAG qualifiers, and beyond. In my neck of the woods we also have the yearly Ivy League Classic where the four Ivy League teams battle it out, and there's also the Division 3 championships including the 8-team ECACs and the NCGA nationals. That's just the women's side and it doesn't even get into what skills might be thrown or what routines will be constructed, and that in the end is the real fun part.

I hope more people will realize what they're missing and go check a meet out this season, or at the very least watch some online. :)
Not open for further replies.