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Hi All,
I am the mom of three kids, only two are gymnasts. My oldest is almost 8 (beginning of sept) coaches have decided they will fast track her from 5-7. She will most likely be doing level 7 comp time. My little daughter just turned 5, she is doing preteam\ L4 work. She is so excited to be competing next year. Her twin brother, is my baseball star and has no interest in what his sisters are doing LOL.

This seems like a great informative site:)

Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the Chalkbucket. It sounds like you have a talented little brood on your hands. Hope you enjoy our great community.
Welcome to the board!! My dd competed level 5 and then jumped to level 7 also. In spite of injuries that had her miss a few competitions, her year was very successful and she took AA at every meet.

Good luck to your little girls this upcoming season!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Welcome to the Boards!! This is a great place to find info, support and to share stories and some good laughs. My dd is 10 and just started gymnastics last year at the age of 9. She had done 3 years of All-Star cheer and wanted a change of pace. We were tempted by the cheer bug again (see one of my previous threads) but the gymnastics won the fight in the end :D. Dani competes for the Mason Dixon League here in Md and she loves it!!! She is competing Level A (USAG Level 5) this year which is the first year of optionals!!! So she gets her own floor music and choreography and has more freedom with the beam and bars routines as well. I have a 7 year old son who hasn't quite pinned down what he is interested in just yet.

Sounds like your little ones are very talented and keep you busy! See ya round the CB!!
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