Another L6 meet this weekend

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Nov 18, 2011
Region 7
Here's hoping it goes well for my DD -- she's pretty anxious because she got sick right after break and feels like she's not where she wants to be. It's going to be big and competitive, so I'm encouraging her to set personal goals for herself rather than worrying about medals and scores. We had drama last night, oy!

I think she will be happy if she:

-- has a good vault where she really pops off the horse,
-- makes a clean second kip and does a nice flyaway,
-- sticks her beam routine, and
-- lands both of her tucks cleanly.

I think that if the stars align, she could achieve all of these goals, but this meet in particular has never been a great one for her. Still, I hope that whatever happens, she can have a good time.

I know she's also hoping that some of her really strong teammates kick some butt and don't let our rival gyms take home all the bling!

Good luck to everyone else who's on the road this weekend -- sounds like a lot of us are!
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Good luck to your DD. And to her team. I hope they all meet all their goals and walk out of there with some bling. Here's to the stars aligning.
Mine has a level 6 meet this weekend too. When is your DD competing? If I can have the level 6 meet fairies first thing Saturday morning (crazy early), I promise to have them on their way to you right after...
Unlike your meet, ours, I think, should be fairly low-key. Of course, you never know which teams will show up at any given meet, but her session ended up being level 3, level 6, and beginning prep op, so I can't imagine there will be many level 6's there. And, with three levels, the award ceremony is going to take forever! Oh well. What I did for love, right?
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