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So Friday my dds coach informed us that there is another meet between states and nationals. It is being hosted by our sister gym. Decisions dd loves to compete and would every weekend if I let her. However, the expense of an unplanned meet it high. I will most likely let her go..Her team has competed in 9 meets by the end of Nationals. Is that normal?


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
My little DD loves to compete, the big one, not as much. Last yr we competed 2-3 meets per MONTH between USAG and USAIGC. This year, only did 2 invitationals, 1 sectional (for big DD, 3 for little), States, 2 USAIGC meets for big DD/1 for little and those states. To me, when the kids have more meets, it keeps them at the top of their game. When they are far between my girls lose focus. Several other moms on the team feel the same way as I do. So, if it were my DD, I'd let her go :) But to answer your original question, our team does not compete in between Sectionals/States so would likely not between States/Nationals either.

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Dec 23, 2006
9 meets to me is alot. This doesn't allow as much time to really work on higher level skills since prep for a meet means routine run throughs. This year my gymmie ended up doing 6 meets plus states. We don't have sectionals and the gym only does USAG( I don't think there is any AAU in the state). By that state meet, I think she was glad the season was over and could start working on her L8 stuff. We have a L9 who will compete at western sectionals and her mom wishes the season was over:) As excited as this girl is about going to sectionals she is getting a little tired of practicting routines and has an ankle sprain that just has not been able to heal and won't until sectionals are over.

One way to look at it, is if your dd continues in gymnastics, the gym time goes up, money goes up and you don't want her suffering overuse injuries by the time she is L5. She has a big national meet and most kids in the traditional USAG system don't get to ever do a meet like that, so I would just let her practice with that goal in mind and forget the "additional" meet.

Our girls had 3 wks between their last "regular" meet and states. Seemed just the right amount of time to take it easy for 1 week and then build for 2 weeks. Most had their season best AA scores and now on to other things.
Feb 26, 2007
gosh mine do 3 or 4 each and that is more than enough for me!!! Nine is just way out there. Tough when "everyone" in the gym is doing it though.


Our gym does 6 meets plus states - so it is 7 meets. At the higher levels though if they qualify for regionals, then nationals it would end up being 9. My dd is actually doing a meet in a few weeks which will bring her up to 8 this year - but it is a very small local meet and she wants to get the jitters out competing level 7 for the first time before the official start of the season. Our gym gives us the option though - we don't have to compete all the meets if we don't want to - but of course my dd loves competing, so she ends up doing all of them.
Jan 17, 2008
Our gym does a LOT of meets. We typically have a meet every weekend from the middle of Jan until state in the end of March. You dont have to compete all of them but my DD does.. I cant pull her away from meets....She lives for them.

So 9 is about right to me. Although, it does feel like a lot after a while. By the end of the season I was ready to be done.

On the other hand.. why do you spend all that time in the gym, right? to compete? To show the judges whatcha got??

Our regionals are over and we have a L 9 and L 10 that are both 1st alternates for nationals.. I dont think they would be happy about going to another meet in between, I think they are beat.

My final point is, the more you compete the more the nerves are calm and hopefully the meet will go better???
Jan 9, 2008
My daughter had 9 meets this first year competeing level 4. We pay an assessment fee up front for all the meets, so they were already paid for. My daughter competed all of them but their were a few girls who skipped a couple. My daughter liked the meets although got stressed out before the meet if she was not allowed to compete in all the events. The last 2 meets she competed all around and she was happier. If your daughter wants to compete in this extra meet I would let her, you are kind of paying the money anyway for her classes and instruction.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Emily had 8 meets this year and I actually wish we had more. There were times when we had 3 weeks between meets during the season and I thought it was too long between the meets. I liked it when we had 3 in a row, lol.
My daughter lives for competing too. She just loves meets more than anything. Now we have till Next November before season starts up again. Seems like forever from now but the way this year has been flying, I am sure it will be here before we know it.
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