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Mar 10, 2008
Hello all.
Actually signed up yesterday and meant to make my introduction then, but .....
I am a prep-op dad. My daughter is finishing up her second competitive season. I am very interested in her activities and support her 100% and have become extremely interested in gymnastics. I do have alot to learn about the sport, but I like to learn. I am also "that guy" at the gym. I am the one that will ask the question the others sit in the bleachers and ask amongest themselves. I don't mean that in a bad way, just in a curious sense. I was taught to ask if you don't know.

My daughter did one lesson in the beginning class, one lesson in the "future stars" class, and was asked to become a part of the competitive team. She began prep-op after this years compulsary season, and has absolutely done fantastic. We have had AA scores above 39 this year. She also has the benefit of having a mom(my wife) that was a competitive gymnastic. Our house has several pieces of equipment that she uses daily. Mostly strength and balance exercises at home as we don't want to have to re-learn things at the gym.

Like I said I may have questions or comments sometimes, but I will read for info and slowly wade into the forums.
Once again, nice to meet all of you

Sam's dad
Jan 2, 2008
Bay City, MI
It is good to hear that you are a active father! There are lots of fathers out there that dont seem to have the time for such interest. Both parents need to be involved. How old is your daughter? How long has she been in gymnastics?


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Welcome! Congrats on your dd having a great season:) You must all be so proud! Have fun reading thru the forums...there's so much to learn here!'s addicting!!! I haven't done the laundy in days!!!LOL Best of luck to your dd at the meets!
Mar 10, 2008
Thanks. I agree the ratio of mom's / dad's at our gym is pretty one sided. I don't go to every practice, but at least try to make 1/week. Only missed 2 meets in 2 years and they were both out of state and I stayed home with the youngest daughter.

My oldest is 7 and competed last year at Level 2, this year at 3 and now into the prep 1 season. Like I said, my wife was a competitive gymnast for years which certainly works to Sam's advantge and mine also as far as understanding some of the finer points.
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