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Hi i'm Hattie, i'm 18, from England and am about to start an adult gymnastics class after a 6 year break! I used to compete for my club and got to chance to try out for my county squad but broke my ankle the week before (not even doing gymnastics-i fell off my horse!) but quit gymnastics after county swimming and pony club teams all got too much. Ummm I think that's everything about me, oh and my little sister and cousin compete for their gym, school and county, so i've now become a surrogate gym parent/cheering madly on the sidelines for when my aunt can't watch (she gets more nervous than my cousin!)
Welcome to the Chalkbucket. We have a growing gang of great adult gymnasts here and we also have many British members too.

I am originally from Manchester, but now live in Quebec, Canada.

Nice to see you are still so involved.
Welcome! I'm new also (two weeks) You will find alot of support here and have alot of fun too!!
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