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Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Here's my poem for English class that I thought I'd share.

Does anyone know how to do punctuation for poems? I have NO clue so if anyone feels like explaining...or editing my poem...lol :)

The feeling of flight
The Adrenalin
The Rush
The moment

A split second of thoughts,
That feels like a lifetime’s
You are immersed in your own world
A world where,
Only yourself,
And the mat below you matters

To someone looking on
It’s only that,
A moment,
It is simply a second in time
One that is blended into all the others
And individually,
Contains no real significance

But to a tumbler,
in all these little moments
Your stresses
Your worries,
And your fears disappear
That is,
Until you hit the mat below
And the feeling of success fades away
And all these little moments
Become just that,


Wow! I liked it a lot!!:) As for the punctuation thing, I can't help you, sorry!


thats a great poem.....my faveorite qoute is rain to get rainbow...you have to put up with the bad to get the good!!! :)
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