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Jul 22, 2010
So, there is a group of five girls that the coach wants to move from level 5 to level 6 (as long as they get their 6 skills over the summer). Two of the girls, my daughter and one other, have gotten USAG scores in the 33-34 range and YMCA scores in the 35 range. The other girls have gotten USAG scores around 31 and YMCA scores around 33. (Coach says she doesn't really think the judges at Y meets score easier, she thinks the girls are just more relaxed at the lower-pressure Y meets... I think there's a little bit of both going on.) Move-up score is a 31 at a USAG meet, so they all have met that requirement.

My daughter and the one other girl qualified for States, which is about 3 weeks away, but the HC has decided to take the other 3 girls to another USAG meet next weekend in hopes that they can score a 32. She says that "people would frown" on her moving them to level 6 without at least a 32 at a USAG meet.

So, my question is not if you think these girls should move up... I know many gyms have much higher standards than this and that even the two girls going to States wouldn't necessarily be moving up at a lot of gyms. My question is, who are these people who would frown on this? These girls have their move-up score... isn't it completely up to the coach at that point? Is there anyone from USAG, or from other gyms, scrutinizing the scores of our dinky little YMCA gym and saying "I just can't believe that the coach moved those girls up with less than a 32! I really frown on that!"

Our gym has never actually done a class of level 6's before (generally they do level 5, 2-3 years of prep-op, score out of level 6, and then do level 7, but this year's level 5's are all pretty young... my daughter, age just-barely-10, is the oldest of them, and all of the prep ops are in their teens, so coach thought it would be better to keep the groups seperate and do level 6 with them) so there isn't a precident that she has to live up to (ie the current or past level 6's won't be pissed that she moved up some girls with a lower score because there aren't any current or past level 6's).

I certainly don't begrudge these girls one last meet; to do well hopefully have a blast! Kathy and I plan on going to cheer them on! But I'm not sure that any of these girls will be any MORE ready to move on to level 6 when it's over than they are now. One of these girls is having fear issues with her back tumbling, one is just coming back from an injury, and one has some "meet anxiety" and just never does as well at meets as she does in the gym (especially when someone is putting pressure on her, like "you have to get a 32 if you want to move up to level 6"). But I don't think that any of them are really any less prepared to train level 6 than Kathy is (in fact, if past trends repeat themselves, they will probably have their level 6 skills before Kathy does... she's pretty slow to get her skills, she just makes them look nice once she has them).

I know very little about gymnastics (beyond what I've learned here on CB) and even less about the rules/regulations/politics behind it. So I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on this seemingly random score of 32 and who the frowning people are.

:(:(:(:(:((frowning people):(:(:(:(:(

Deleted member D3987

maybe the coach is speaking of the gymnastics 'gods'...those of ancient mythology.:)
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Apr 30, 2009
My daughter competes for a Y and also USAG meets. How moving up happens in our gym is you have to hit the mobility score just in Y. But the coaches also take into account, skills, learning ability, safety and they also ask the gymnasts what they feel should happen. I like that they ask the girls, that is not a huge influence but it shows the coaches the level of dedication. Luckly, my daughter has moved every season so I have not had to go through the second level. To move up in USAG meets though the girls need to make the mobility score for that. And I believe thats one point higher then Y
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At our gym the coaches take into account the skill level of each girl at the beginning of the year (August for optional levels) to see if they are ready to compete the next level. If the coaches take into the account the scores each gymnast receives then it is beyond me as I have never had to repeat a level.
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