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May 25, 2012
Apologies in advance for this somewhat duplicate question, I was going to reply to an older thread, but figured I’d get more specific advice as a new post.

When should I start a gymnastics Instagram for recruiting purposes for my daughter? Is it once she’s competing level 10? Once she’s training level 10 skills? After she competes 9? Do I post any of her 9 routines? Or just training videos?

For context my daughter will likely compete 9 next season as an 8th grader, with the goal to be level 10 by 9th grade. She is (I think) already doing/training some level 10 skills, I have footage of maloneys, maloney to pak connections, front giants, just started training jaegers, 1.5 + front pike/lay & double backs on rod/tumble trak, front full + front lay, and she’s working a lot of beam skills on laser/low, with a couple things on high beam.

I guess what I’m asking is it worth it to start documenting any stuff now for my daughter on Instagram, or should I wait until next year after she’s competed 9 / summer before HS.
I would start one with her graduation year indicated. Include college skills that she is training and competition ready. Remember there is a difference between training a skill (ala, ya they caught it but my eyes were half closed and legs and knees were all over the place) and competition ready (some minor form issues, but looks confident and secure in executing skill). I wouldn't include low beam skills. Once you have a few videos up, start requesting to follow coaches and gyms. I would be selective on what I put up and then of course when the season comes back around, document highlights of the competition. Remember your target audience, college coaches, so they are going to want to see college skills, performance, and execution in competition.
Are these spotted... on her own... do they look nice? PM me links to the videos and I can give you some advice.
These are spotted, she only worked Maloneys at camps last summer, and hasn’t worked them since. I’ll PM you, but it sounds like not worth it until they are competition ready? Or close?
From following a few gymnastics recruiting profiles, they recommend once your child is a level 9 to start posting videos etc. Not to post tons of stuff, but progress on skills, new skills, highlights of meets.
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The coaches really want to see the connections so while you can put individual skills there, it is best to show partial/full routines.
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