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There is a website called '', which is reporting from the Ranch/Selection Camp. They have some interviews w/ the gymnasts & supposedly will also follow the 'final' meet, live, today. Here is the link...

Home -

Hope it works!


Yeah, very sad about Shayla. I didn't think she was going to make the team anyway, but she still at least had a chance up until she broke her leg. But at least she came this far, which is a *HUGE* accomplishment in and of itself.


If things weren' t open before, they certainly are now. With one of the top contenders for spot #6 out with a very horrible broken leg(porr Shayla!!!), and Jana falling on UB yesterday at camp, I see Bridget Sloan's chances rising....although I would love more than anything else in the world for miss Ivana Hong (who had a great day) to snag the spot. Ugh! It's just too hard. I'd be fine though if it was Bridget (i still love her, just not as much) over Ivana, though Ivana does have more international experience, having been on the 2007 gold medal world team.

Up today: I am curious to see what events the athletes will be doing for EF. It was rumored that Martha wanted the girls to do a weaker event, though another source says the girls will choose their own events.
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Feb 26, 2007
I would love to see Mattie Larson in the mix her floor is so beautiful, but I think Bridgit Sloan's chances are rising with her performance yesterday. However I still think that Jan Bieger's solid performances give her an edge over them.


I'm SO upset to hear Shayla broke her leg. Team USA will not be the same without her.:(


Usa team

So does anyone know who actually made the team? i've been searching and cant find anything! let me know if you do ! thanks! :)


Funny joke! Word's not out yet! Trust me, you'll know when it is if you stay on this website. There are people going nuts on here(myself somewhat included) hittting refresh every 30seconds on again), so it'll be up when it finally happens! :D
Jul 12, 2007
Wow, no big surprises here... it was pretty much all the obvious.

Guess I should be glad that both IN girls made it :)


So does anyone know who actually made the team? i've been searching and cant find anything! let me know if you do ! thanks! :)

Oh Annie i told you when the announcement was!!

It's Shawn, Nastia, Alicia, Chellsie, Sam, and Bridget
Alternates-Jana, Ivana, Corrie
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