Parents Another Successful L3 Meet!

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We made it home from Daytona Beach last night at midnight. It was a long weekend but we had a great time. Livi had fun competing. She enjoyed herself a lot more than in Tampa when she was sick.

Here were her scores:
beam: 8.4 (3rd place- she had two major bobbles but did not fall)
floor: 8.575 (tied for 4th place- her weakest event)
vault: 9.15 (3rd place)
bars: 7.75 (4th place- they were being judge harshly. There were no 9's.)

AA: 3rd place with a 33.875 which was significantly lower than she did in Tampa at the Judges Cup. All in all we are all very happy and proud. Orlando Metro was there and they almost swept 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Olivia coming in 3rd broke their winning!
Great job Olivia - that is a long day getting home that late. I am glad she enjoyed herself and did great !!

I love Daytona!! We have relatives in the Ocala area and try to plan our visits around a Nascar race, LOL

CONGRATS to Olivia! Sounded like a good meet. Having fun at this age is important! My DD loves meets just to see what she gets at the end if they give out goodie bags, LOL! That must have been hard getting up for school this morning. I know I let my DD sleep a little later than normal.
Thank you all for all the nice comments. I love Daytona too. The beach is awesome. I took some really great pictures of Liv doing gymnastic at dusk on the beach. I will post them up soon.

We left Daytona at 8:30pm. I literally just put the babies to sleep in the car. They even still got their bedtime story and were asleep by 9:00pm. It was a five hour drive so the one that was really tired was!

Not to mention I am the one sick now....ugh!:(
Super Duper Great job to my favorite 5 year old little powerhouse! :D

O is really doing awesome at her meets!!!!!!! Love that she interrupted OM :p.. where are the vids?

did you get my pm?
Not open for further replies.

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