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Mar 5, 2008
North America
I was wondering if any of your gyms have Anti-Bullying Policies in place. My friend is having an issue with her daughter being bullied by her cheer teammates which ranges from nasty remarks being said to her, nasty text messages being sent to her and excluding her from activities. Her daughter often leaves practices in tears because of this behavior. She wants to submit a sample policy/form to the coaches and owners that the parents and kids will have to read, sign and abide by in order to be on the team for next season.

If anyone has a form that their gym already uses and doesn't mind sharing, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Sep 19, 2008
I don't have a anti-bullying policy, just posting to say it's a good idea. Cheer groups that come in our gym aren't required to wear leotards, and I've heard some pretty nasty and hateful things girls say to each other over what they come in wearing. I don't coach them, but if I hear them being terrible to one another I will stop their world.
Feb 26, 2007
Links to some gym clubs policies

Titans Gymnastics & Trampoline Club - About

Also here is a link from my friends website, she is one of Canada's leading experts in female bullying and really helped us with an issue in our school. Bully Lab > Home You can find lots of info there. She taught me that girl bullying is very different than when boys bully, more subtle, sly and cruel. THis needs to be nipped in the bud. Suspension from the gym sends a clear message to parents and gymnastss. Bully proofing is something that can be worked on too, check out this site NKS BullyProof


We have rules about everyone being supportive and team we only have the Cheer group in 2x's a week on the days my DD isn't there. (local high school come in).
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Thanks so much Bog!!! The info you gave me is very useful and exactly what I was looking for! I will forward it to my friend and hope that her gym takes this issue seriously and they take measures to do something about it.
No official policy that I'm aware of at our gym. I think the standard rules of respect that kids learn in school are enough anyway.

Also, just because it isn't an officially written 'policy' doesn't mean the coaches can't step in and stop bullies in their tracks.

And if it were a posted policy - that probably wouldn't stop a nasty kid from doing his or her thing anyway.

Just as criminals don't care about the law -- until they are caught.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
And if it were a posted policy - that probably wouldn't stop a nasty kid from doing his or her thing anyway.

Just as criminals don't care about the law -- until they are caught.

This is true Tim_Dad, but if the parents and athletes knew up front that there is a policy and that bullying will NOT be tolerated, a lot of kids will think twice about trying to bully someone and they will hold there tongue on a lot of the nasty remarks. If it means that they could possibly get kicked off the team because of it, I am sure they will keep themselves "in check". Also, these kids/athletes need to be held accountable for their behavior.

Also, bullies often aren't the typical stereotype of what you expect. Many girls (the girls that seem very sweet and quiet) can often be bullies themselves picking on younger kids or someone that is different from them.
Also, these kids/athletes & Parents need to be held accountable for their behavior.

Fix'd. Happy to help. ;)
A consistantly disrespectful child is a direct reflection of the parents. So I wouldnt let them off the hook either. Meaning, the bully child gets the boot -- with no refunds.

I'm hearing ya. Just skeptical as to it's true effectiveness is all. I mean, not to bully and to be disrespectful of others shouldn't require a sign. To me, it's immediately enforceable, posted or not.

I know if I approached the owner about some punk that was bullying Nastia, he would definately take action. i wouldn't even go to HC, but right to the top. I would hope that other gym owners would do the same, but that may just be wishful thinking.
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If I hear the girls gossipping about each other, I stop that at once, no if's and's or buts. I had some problem awhile ago with my boy's team and implemented the same policy besides having to sit them all down and discuss it ( err mandate my policy ).


Ok we do have a policy. If a coach or any gymnast hears you talking about other team mates or disrespect it results in punishment. And this goes for all levels. The order of punishment goes like this:

First time you get a warning

Second time you have to go into the reception area (sorta like a time out) for 5 minutes and talk to a coach after practice

Third time you go into the reception area for 15 minutes and stay after practice to talk with the head coach and you have to double your conditioning for the night

Fourth time the coaches call your parents and they tell them to pick you up


I honestly have to wonder how effective this can be. I know that when it occurs during practice, that is doubly bad, because it is bullying and it takes time away from productive stuff at practice. But I think coaches and parents are only fooling themselves if they think the gossip and stuff doesn't happen after practice, at school, via txt msg/facebook/IMs, etc. It will happen no matter what anyone says or does. And as far as being excluded from activities, are we talking team activities or other things? I mean, if I have a birthday party, I don't think I'm required to invite everyone from my team unless I am friends with them all.

So I hope it all works out, and I hope the parents can get involved and teach their kids that this kind of stuff is not good, but I don't see how it can really have teeth to it when it comes to stuff that happens outside of the gym.


May 4, 2009
I am really suprised that this seems to be a problem in many gyms and that out-of-gym nastyness is going on. At the gym I coach at there has only ever been one incidence, in two 9 year olds in the elite squad. The coach of that group had a long discussion with the girl, and her mum was spoken to about what had happened. It was just immaturity really and thankfrully they are now friends. The rest of the time theres never been anything, and I think none of the other girls would ever dream of being nasty to each other.

In gyms where this does happen: do the girls see a lot of each other out of the gym? Are we talking low level girls or higher level? I'd really like to understand how this goes on. Gymnastics is a sport, and an amazing one! It shouldn't be spoilt for the gymnasts by anyone, coach, parent or gymnast.
Dec 24, 2008
At my gym if most of us, if we here some one talking bad or something will are just straight out and say "stop it your being rude" or something like that
Hmm... Most everyone at my gym is nice enough, kinda stupid at times though. There was one girl who would just not let it go. I told her to stop wasting my time and money because she was goofing off, looking at leotards when we were supposed to be going to the next rotation, etc. etc. And then she just kept bugging me, asking me weird questions and whispering to her friend, that sort of thing. :/

I'm fairly sure there's no "official" notice or anything but I have seen kids be put in time out and be asked to leave class.
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