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Hi everyone!

My little bean has her 1st qualifier tomorrow and I'm nervous for her. You may remember that she thoroughly broke her toe back in October. She only just started full training the week before Christmas, then right away had a week of shut down for the holidays.

She has 2 qualifiers in which she must average a qualifying score. For her, I think that means 48.8. Because of the missed training, it's going to be tough. She doesn't have a full start value in most of her events:( Full start value for her level would be 13.8, and she'd need a 12.2 on all events. That wouldn't normally be out of her reach, but with missing elements, she'll have to be nearly perfect to qualify. ACK! The pressure!

Any good luck you could send would be SO appreciated. She's used to doing well at meets, and going in feeling unprepared as her a bit shaken.

I'll update you tomorrow night, and hopefully have some video to post!

Canadian gym mom
Feb 26, 2007
Tell R that we are sending all our good karma her way. Having seen her previous routines I know she is capable of near perfection, so lets wait and see.

Glad she recovered from the toe injury, it must have been tough for her to get back to gym in comp season. How are her ankles doing?

The new qualifying system in Ontario is now more like our in Quebec.
Her ankles have always been fine, she was the *heels* kid. LOL

I went and ordered the stuff you'd suggested, she took it once, decided it tastes bad, and never took it again. lol. I guess pain tastes better!

Heels are pretty good, I think the time off stomping was great for her. Too bad she's missing skills as a result.

I don't know exactly how your system works, I'm not even positive I understand ours! From what Bean has said, she has to qualify to Ontario cup with the score, and from there, top 32? go to Championships?? Funny thing is, since she's in rough shape skills wise, qualifying will be her struggle. If she can do it, she'll be ready enough by Cup time, top 32 won't be that hard.

We shall see!

Thanks for the good luck.
Feb 26, 2007
Here in Quebec the top 48 in the province qualify to sectionals, like your new Ontario cup, and the top 32 go to provincials. SOme groups are huge with 300+ girls, others are smaller with only 100 or so. It is very hard to qualify here as it is not based on a score. I like your new system better, Bean got it right that's how it works.

I imagine her new level is quite small though, but it is the qualifying score that could stump her. Will her club take her to an extra qualifier if she needs it? I know they can petition for that if a gymnast was injuured for one or more meets.

Have fun tomorrow. T's next meet is on the 31/1 weekend. E's is on the 14 Feb.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Good Luck - my DD is also coming back from an injury. She got the all clear from the Doctor yesterday. Her first meet is in 3 weeks. She has done nothing but leaps, jumps and turns for 8 weeks.
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