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Are there any dads out here or is it just moms. Dads can be big supporters of their daughters/sons can't they?

Hey Sean -

Yes there are some Dads on here and yes we do support our gymmies (although definitely not in the hair department). I like the role of driver and videographer and sometime keeper of the scores.

Good luck to your daughter.

Hi Sean,

I have a daughter that's is a level 5, that I'm very proud of. I get off work first so I'm mostly the one take's her to practice. I've been to all of her meets & get more nerveless than she does. (I can't hardly watch the beam although it's her best event)

Best of luck, Frank
I am a Mom, but the owner/admin is a dad of two lovely little girls and we have many Dads here, some who are coaches as well as parents. I am sure you'll fit right in, we love our proud parents.
Welcome to CB. I'm the proud dad of a college gymnast. My dd stopped needing me for transportation when she was 16, so now I can concentrate on being videographer.
Hi Sean, and welcome to CB,

Yes, there are lots of us dads who post here and who are big suppporters of their dd's gymnastics careers. Like Pogo, I no longer have to do the driving (DD is 16 and hopefully L10 next season), and like ABQ dad, I don't do hair, but I stay involved, go to all the meets and am a big supporter, (past president) of the booster club. I think its great to see so many dads getting involved with their dd's sports so jump right and and let us know allyour dd and yourself.
I'm a dad and am very proud of my two daughters. I'm also at every bit of all their events (gymnastics and otherwise) whenever it's possible to do (splitting myself physically in halves is not a consideration). I think the giveaway that I'm a father is that I refuse to refer to my kids DDs. :p But, I'm not embarrassed to play a "Mr. mom" when one is needed. And, yes, I cannot and don't do hair and my daughters know it. And, when it comes to the girls' stuff, let's not even go there...

And, OP, if you're implying that many dads don't get involved, especially when it comes to an activity like gymnastics or dance, I absolutely positively agree. In fact, I have yet met the fathers, including those of kids who I have known for quite sometime.

Cheers to all the proud dads!
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