Any good DVD's other than stick it?

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I am looking for gymnastic dvds for my daughter or sports related. She is almost 5 but its hard to find a good girly sports dvd.

She likes stick it but i dont like letting her watch it due to the language.

Some of our other favorites are...

Center Stage
Ice Princess
Bring it On's


My DD is 6 and Stick It is one of her favorites, too. We watch it together usually and the first time she watched it, we talked about Hailey's bad attitude and how she's not being very nice. And we talked about how she changed at the end and was much being much nicer. DD knows that Hailey's bad attitude is NOT the way to behave.


I just wish we could buy the clean version of movies. Haley uses quite a bit of bad laungage. And you can buy music downloads with out bad words we should be able to do so with movies also :(
Mar 4, 2008
Hard to get away from the language...

and adult content. You might try previewing
*The Cutting Edge (1992 version) :rolleyes:
as it has some good things in it about heart and competition.
There is also
*American Anthem (1986)
But I was not a huge fan personally.
But please, please, please stay away from
*Gymkata (1985) with Kurt Thomas:eek:
dont mean to hurt the feelings of any fans but NOT GOOD!!! IMHO


The second cutting edge (with Christy Carlson Romano) is also quite good! Also, there was a disney channel movie I'm not sure you'd be able to find-Go Figure.


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Feb 6, 2008
There's a cute gymnastics movie called Reach for the Sky. I bought mine on ebay but it's up in parts on youtube I think. It's about a couple of young gymnasts in Romania and their journey in gymnastics from beginners to world champions.
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