For Parents any good places to get a nice

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Feb 10, 2007
gym mat for my dd to practice on!! my oldest will turn 8 at the end of march and DH and I were thinking a good gift fo rher would be a mat! she wants to get some of the skills and would like to practice (like her backwalkover etc) I wont let them do major stuff for saftey reasons!! but we have hard floor all over and well
if we had a nice mat I thought she could work on her backbends etc!! soo she can get better at them and bring up her esteem!! she works soo hard!!!

anyhow has anyone ever bouht one and any ideas of stores???


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Sep 25, 2007
we got one from this seller on ebay. my DD loves it. it isn't as firm as some mats, but for her it is perfect. i think this seller offers one that is a bit more expensive that is more firm, i would think that might be better for long term use.

the first link is the one we got, the second is the one i think is more firm. and it is bigger!


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Feb 26, 2007
We have these ones , they roll up and they also are just like the real gym floor, carpet not plastic. They also come with a velcro strip that you can use to connect them or to use when rolled up. Hubby likes to use them as work out mats too, the dofg loves to run up and down on them after her bath:D
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