Any idea what level my daughter would start at?

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Apr 10, 2009
My daughter is 11. She has been on her school competition team for 4 years. We will be moving this summer, and putting her in a club. I am curious as to where she may start with her skill level. On vault she does handspring full, handspring 1 and a half, and she has been working tsuks, and finally hit one her last meet. On bars, she does a straddle back, she does a handstand half pirouette, and a flyaway half dismount. On beam some of the things does are a front tuck mount, wolf jump standing back tuck, roundoff back tuck dismount. On floor she does a roundoff backhandspring back handspring backtuck, front tuck, layout, and a full., wolf jump full. Thanks for you help!
Going by vault and floor I'd say level 8. Bars sounds like 8.5-ish. Beam sounds like solid 9.

I'd have to see her in action to say exactly what level I'd put her at, but my guess is that it would be 8. Perhaps 9, but more likely 8.
Wow, what school program was she in that taught all those skills? That's incredible. I would say under the current system, yes she would be a solid L8 assuming good form in all the skills you mentioned. Since the COP will change for optionals for the next competition season, its hard to tell. Right now, she's a solid L8(bars and beam a little higher?).

I guess alot will depend on the gym she ends up at and their criteria under the new COP.

GL with the move and a new gym!
I would like to agree with the other people... a good solid level 8 and wow for her beam especially her mount awesome job!!!!!!!! we dont see very many of those mounts from and 11- year old girl well we never do. But yes, but most usa gymnastics teams for level 8 you have to have a per weite and a clear hip to handstand with giants & either a double back dismount or layout depends on what you do in your routine!!!!!!!!! but floor sounds good and vault they like to see suke or yurckenco. And wow what school does she go to they must have top coaches there!!!!! But it also depends on her form and how tight she is and sharp!!! Oh and almost forgot for beam they love to see back tuck so great job on that and the series is back handspring back handspring so ya other than that you are good and for the dismount on beam is aloud to do roundolph back tuck but they also like to see roundolph back layout or full twist!!!!!!!!! correct me if im wrong plz!!!!!!!!!!!

Agreed. Level 8...... If her skills are really clean and technically sound! She'll have to test out of L5-7, though....but your gym can get a USAG sanction (I think it's $50?) and hire a judge to come and test her out. That's probably the most efficient way to do it.
If her skills need some work, she might test out of compulsories and spend a bit of time at L7 to really work those basics before moving up. She's young enough that you don't need to rush...and working those fundamentals will really help with levels 9+.
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