Any other gymnasts having a really tough time getting back to where they were?

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Jul 7, 2015
My daughter (12) has always been pretty easy going about gymnastics and has never seemed to mind too much if she gets a bad placement at a meet or being the last to get a skill. She's never been the best on her team and repeated a couple of levels along the way, but she's come a long way and just keeps plugging along and most importantly love it. Since going back she's been crying after most practices and many nights. She says that everyone in her group is back where they were before the shutdown and getting new skills and she's still struggling to get skills back. Her gym didn't have any online workouts and she didn't do much conditioning and has always struggled with gaining strength -so I think loss of strength is now holding her back more than the others. Anyone else in have this going on? I'm hoping it all starts to click for her soon. Also, she was back 4 weeks when we took a vacation last week -which I'm sure didn't help.
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At my DDs gym there are definitely girls still struggling to get back to where they were. Over the time away there were growth spurts, fears that crept back in, loss of strength, endurance, flexibility. Even the best efforts to do on line programs pale in comparison to the real deal. The poor kids then feel so frustrated when they return and feel like they are now “behind”. Your DD is not alone, tell her to hang in there ❤️
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I think it's better to take it slow at this point. Even for kids who feel capable of getting right back to where they were, they should still ease back into it, start more basic and build back up over the course of a month or two.
Our coach has told us we should expect it to be 8-10 weeks before they are back to where they left off. Girls are just doing basics still at this point.
My daughter’s gym has an 8 week ‘return to gym’ program with gradual buildup of skills and hours. They probably could go faster, but they have decided that the girls’ physical and mental health are absolute priorities right now. Some have had huge growth spurts since they last swung on bars or tried to flip. And with so much in their lives that is uncertain and subject to change, they just want the girls to have a happy place without too much pressure or competitive edge right now.
My daughter has been back at gym for 2 1/2 months. She just got her kip cast handstand back. She regained her beam and floor skills fairly quickly, but bars has been a struggle. And she did all the recommended conditioning when they were out of the gym.
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She are on her third week back. I am not even concerned with where she is at. There is unlikely to be anything that will resemble a competitive season. The reality is we don’t even know if the government won’t shut us down again.
We have told her enjoy what you have and are doing today.

She is happy to be back. We are happy she is back seeing more then us and our house. And she is probably enjoying gym more because she had time to miss it. And there is 0 pressure to “get” xyz
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