Any other NC folks here?

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Sep 3, 2005
Yes, I'm originally from Wisconsin. We're ready to get back by some family in a location that we can by a nice home for a reasonable price. We bought our 850 sq. ft. condo in California two years ago for $265,000.:eek: We can get twice the home for half the price in Wisconsin.

Also, Audra will probably not be going back to work for a while after Layla is born (4/3/07)'ll be too hard in Cali to live off the income of one coach. Great job, but it's definitely not the highest paying career choice.:(


I always wonder that too. But we are in central CA.
That actually happened to me over a year ago on the clique(book series) website. (I'm not on there anymore) . this one girl and I realized after quite awhile that we went to middle school together, but went to dif hischools. it was really weird!



Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
We live in a tiny mountain community in CA. We bought our house here for 185k in 2002 and now we could probably sell it between 350 & 400k. But we are not making it at all moneywise trying to live on my hubby's income. I try to contribute but with the gym schedule I haven't been able to get a "real" job. The little job I do have doesn't even pay for all the gas I use driving Gymbabi to workout. It's tough. But the only other state we have family in is OK. So I guess we'll stay here.
You are going to keep the website up still aren't you?
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