WAG Any tips? I keep getting and losing my back handspring

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Aug 8, 2021
Ok. So I understand this takes time and I am very much a beginner. I started in may. But so far, I can reliably do pretty solid front/back walkovers, Side aerials, front handsprings, and front and back limbers downs. I’ve also gotten the hang of connecting skills such as front walkover cartwheel to three back walkovers or round off to back walkover of back limber.

I know I should probably just be happy with what I’ve accomplished in a short time but, my back handspring is driving me nuts. About a month ago, I first got my standing back handspring on my own. I had for two days at the gym, I must’ve done it 50 times by myself no problem. Then the next practice, my coach asked me to do with everyone watching. I simply got nervous and jumped on my head three times in a row on a thick matt. Since then, I haven’t been able to reliably do it on my own. I can do it just fine with any sort of spot. And anyone that spots me tells me I don’t need a spot. Sometimes after a few times with a spot, I can do it on my own as many times as I like and when I do them, they’re apparently good. And I always think “wow this is so easy. I can’t believe I struggle with doing this. It isn’t scary at all” Or sometimes i’ll just randomly jump on my face again. And once I do that once, it’s game over for a few days. It’s either really good or completely horrible. I asked my coach about trying a ro bhs since I feel comfortable connecting skills and he more or less said I am physically ready but too much of a head case to do that now. I know I’m being hard on myself because I just started. But it’s just so frustrating! I’m super self critical so this bothers me more than I should. My coach told me I’m the first adult beginner to get their side aerial hes ever had. But I’m so frazzled about my back handspring, I can’t even celebrate my wins. If anyone has any tips let me know!!
I can totally understand the frustration of not having a skill consistently. It would be great if you had a video of them because it would be helpful to see the difference between your good and bad bhs and maybe I could give some pointers. I wouldn’t be to concerned about it the more you work the skill the better they will get. If it was me if I was having a bad day I might try and ask my coach to work some drills and then come back to it after maybe 10-15 mins of working the drills taking a quick break might help clear your head and help you go for it. If you do have any videos and would like to get some pointers on what might be going on you should post them here or send them to me.I hope this helps.
I have had the same problem and am working on increasing my confidence. For me, getting access to a foam pit had helped because I stand on the edge of it and jump back into back handspring style. Then after a few tries I start to add crash building up to floor level. This can be useful if like me you have done plenty of drills but just need help with confidence of going backwards.

It also sounds like you might need to go back to drills if you're landing on your heard though, and while doing these drills, think about keeping your arms straight (elbows locked) and not more than shoulder width apart.

Try to increase the proportion of good Back handsprings so you set it in your mind how to do it. Having someone supporting you is a good way to do that and have them gradually take support away then bring it back again can help.

If you have the money, finding a personal trainer or intensive course can be very helpful
It’s likely something you are doing incorrectly in the technique. Most inconsistencies are caused by this.

Perhaps not getting the correction you need too. It’s a little concerning that you were allowed to flip to your head three times in front of everyone. One flip to the head and most coaches would stop you and fix the problem.

It’s impossible to know what that problem is without seeing a video or something.
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