For Coaches Anybody out there coaching L4 boy's right now?

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So, I'm back coaching and helping out coach L4 boy's. I've reviewed and kept current with the routines going over the DVD a few weeks ago and going over the notes more.

Any of those L4 coaches wishing to comment on coaching these routines. Things to look for, etc.

There really isn't anything I'm confused about right now, but ya never know.

I'm just glad I don't have to deal with the L5 flyaway or dive roll. I miss the back hip circle but if I can teach them a big underswing, I can get them to free hip a lot easier later on.

As silly as it sounds to me, I'm sure next week I'm going to have to go over how to do a perfect pushup so we don't lose a lot there as well. We still have L4 trying to do scales for the arabesque.
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