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I love keeping up-to-date with what everyone's up to and look forward to hearing results on Monday! Anyone competing this weekend? Where? What level? My dd has her first meet in 3 weeks. I can't wait 'til it's my turn to share! :)
Sep 2, 2007
My dd has her level 6 early state meet this weekend. She is really excited. She is going to have all the coaches to herself. The rest of the team is in the older age group and competes right after her.


we have our first compulsary meet this weekend (starting tonight!) at Conoco Phillips Route 66 Invitational. This is in Bartlesville, OK.

I have some very new level 4's so it will be interesting to see how they do at a meet! In practice they are great but we all know the first time in an arena stadium atmosphere is totally different!

Have a great and safe weekend all!!!!
Aug 27, 2006
My dd has her first meet of the season tomorrow. :xfingers: then she has one every other weekend for a while. There are 71 level 4s competing so you know what that means.................... hearing the lvl 4 floor routine music 71 times !!!!:banginghead::D
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
OUr next meet isn't until Dec 8th at our gym again. Our gym hosts 5 meets during the year.
Then our next meet isn't till the 3rd week of January and then we have one every weekend for the next 3 weeks. Then we don't have another one till March and then 3 in March. I am already mega excited for the next meet, lol... I swear I never get sick of them even when we hear the level 4 music over and over and over again:)

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Best wishes to all competing this weekend. Here in CO, the compulsory meet season is wrapping up. They started in early Sept. and this is really the last weekend with more than 1 gym hosting a meet(also deadline for L6s to qualify to states). State meets start the 1st weekend of Dec. with the L6s, then the next weekend for the L5s and the L4s get the "fun" of doing states right before Christmas. We don't have a spring season for compulsory, so they are done in Dec. for the year.

My gymie is getting a little antsy since her 1st meet isn't until Jan. 12. Levels 7-10 compete Jan-March. I think she just wants to go and do lots of routine run throughs and then get going for real. At least they do a "mock" meet with real judges next month, so that should help get her back in the competition frame of mind.
Sep 8, 2007
my dd has a qualifier meet tomorrow L3 at naples,she finally got her backbend kickover tonight in practice she's very exicted


Meet Results

My DD hade her first USAG meet of this season last weekend. Here are her results;
Beam - 7.8 * first up in the entire meet on this event w/ a fall
Floor - 8.40 8th place
Vault - 8.350 - 2nd place
Bars - 6.70

AA - 31.250
She set goals for this meet and they were finish bars and still be breathing, get a medal on one event and not finish in last place on bars. She did all three. ;}.
She know she can get her bar score up by 1.5 by adding her giants, straddle back release move and flyaway half but try telling that stubborn gymnast that!! She can improve on flooe by controlling her power she is like TiGGer she bounces everywhere...
Aug 23, 2007
My daughter had her first meet tonight. She did pretty good for a little 6 year old.

Vault -8.9
Bars- 7.2
Beam- 8.1
Floor- 8.3


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Mar 1, 2007
We are doing the Rutgers Classic today. Not too nervous, the hard one was last weekend....the sectional. My daughter managed to qualify for states and I am still in shock, LOL! Good Luck to everyone with meets this weekend. And Netty, hang in there, your turn is coming up really soon & we are looking forward to hearing your updates too!


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Mar 1, 2007
CONGRATS gymmom2one...looks like great scores for first meet. My daughter got a whopper 5.8 on bars her first meet. She LOL thru the whole thing. Must have been nerves. I am also amazed at what the lil 6 yr olds can learn & do in such a short amount of time.
Aug 30, 2007
North Carolina
We just got back from our last meet before Level 5 state meet. My 9 yo did very well placing 1st AA with a 33.800. Her scores were
v 8.80
ub 8.100
bb 9.050
fx 8.650
This was her first time placing first AA.
My 10 yo didn't do as well. She has only been training in USAG since may in level 5 and she has scored AA consistantly in the 29.000 range, therefore she has not qualified for state:(. Her bar scores hurt her the most. Here are her scores.
v 7.400
ub 5.575
bb 7.875 (she fell off once)
fx 8.175
She had never competed in USAG til this year whereas her sister had already competed at level 4 two years ago and had more experience. I am very proud of her accomplishments at this level and as of now she plans to continue in USAG and qualify next year.
Aug 23, 2007
I posted my daughters beam score wrong... she actually got an 8.6.
I was very proud of her. There were a lot of good girls in her session. I was surprized to see so many 9.0 and better so early in the season (first meet for most)


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Mar 1, 2007
OK we are back from our meet. It went OK, scores were not as high as last week at the sectionals, but if you look at all her other meet scores you could see that she shows improvement each time. So, we are happy! We've come a long way from that 5.8 on her first bar routine LOL. Every gymnast got a medal too and for the younger kids that means everything!

Rutgers Classic (5th meet)

V 8.50
UB 8.25
BB 7.55
FX 7.575 (I thought it would be a little higher, her ROBHS was pretty good, but I guess other things were sloppy)

AA 31.925
Aug 27, 2006
My dd got 5 medals yesterday. :)

Vault 9.0 5th
Bars 8.8 3rd
Beam 8.85 5th
Floor 8.3 5th

AA she placed 3rd with a 34.85 :cool:
She held her medals all the way home (2 hrs);)
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Hi everyone. Thanks so much for sharing! Blackie6 ~ Yes, I cannot wait for her first meet. They had a mock meet last weekend and according to dd she scored an 8.4 on the beam. I guess the coach was scoring everyone but I don't put any real value on it! She had fun, didn't fall off anything so that's a plus!

Midwestgymmom ~ My dd probably would've slept with the medals too! That's awesome that she did so well!!

Again, thanks to all for sharing! :)
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