For Parents Anyone else still have sectionals & state?

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Her mom likes it but is afraid that if her DD doesn't really like it she won't do as well when it comes time to preform.

this girl would do well with any type of Jazz music. Jazz fits her personality.

I agree about the music and how well they do. My oldest DD had 2 very jazzy pieces for her USAIGC routines which she also used for L7 and L8. She did ok but not great..had to really struggle to get the scores up, even though the skills were there. This year, after the first meet, she got a new L8 routine with much more "serious" music - Phantom and she scored a 9 the first time out!
BTW, Little Monkey has another sectional this Sun. Will this season ever end??????? On a positive note, she has been catching the high bar every practice since last Sat! I don't dare say this out loud, but we may be over this hump!
Good luck to Little Monkey at her sectional.

DD has states next Saturday at 8:00 am. I am ready for the season to be over!
Not open for further replies.