Anyone ever had a hernia?

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Sep 19, 2008
Last Thursday I did leg lifts, lots. One of my advanced kids wanted to have a contest and I figured, why not? Friday and Saturday I was sore, I expected that. Sunday it was waning, and by Monday it was gone. I did nothing over the weekend, but on Monday I went to do ONE leg lift just to show a class what I wanted.

I swear, pain ripped through my lower abdomen like I was a fish being gutted. Abdominal pain is a close personal friend of mine, this did NOT feel like my old friend. It was like a gash ripping across my belly from one side of my hip to the other William Wallace from braveheart style. For the past 2 days it's been very localized. If I use my abs or stretch, there's a specific spot in the lower left that kills me!

I have never had a hernia, and am not sure if this is an accurate description of one. I have avoided using my abs if at all possible. A fellow coach suggested it could be one since I've had 2 kids and that makes me at risk apparently? I looked it up, and all I find is jargon and long latin words. I have no protrusion, but as I understand it that is not uncommon. Anybody who's had one? Any chalkbucket medically minded types experienced with this? I made an appointment with the doc but it's about 5 days from now. It's a check up, I didn't mention the word hernia since it was just brought up as a possibility tonight. I'll probably see if I can get it moved up just in case, but I'd rather not freak out if this doesn't sound like a hernia situation.



i read about your hernia possibel herina problem.

do not worry, i had a hernia a while ago, it was a similar experiance do leg rasies, i felt almost a pop in my abdomin. I ignored it for a while but it became strangulated and i was in so much pain i coudl nto even stand up let alone walk.
i ended up have a keyhole operation to fix it, i was onyl in the hospital for a morning then went home.

it took a few weeks to get recovered, i could not do much bending or even laugh

my advise to you is do not worry but go to the doctors and get it checked, you do not want to let it get as far as i did and strangulate, i wish i had not ignored it myself
i know now i have a weak stomach wall and have to be careful, i still get aches in the area on cold damp days, to conter this i something wear a leoatrd or swimsuit under my clothes to keep the area warm and supported, it really helps

i hope i have been some help to you, let me know how it goes

i hope you do not mind me sending you private message about this rather than posting for everyone or do you think other people woudl like to know this?

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