Anyone interested in competition in KY?

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My club is interested in setting up an adult competition at our gym.
First, would anyone be interested in traveling to Northern KY?
Second, does anyone have any suggestions on how to set up an adult meet? For example where to find judges or how to set up critera for routines?
Jan 17, 2009
more info

what levels are you thinking about for adults? and when? coming off of some knee surgery so not ready yet but defintely interested in going there or other state (depending on work schedule). thanks


As far as levels, we would like to give anyone who was interested the opportunity to compete. We have several ladies in our gym that would only compete one or two events at a very basic level, then we have a few girls that could probably do level 6 or 7. I apologize, I am not familiar with the aau levels yet!
As for time frame, I think we would be shooting for next summer to early fall. The biggest problem for us right now is just trying to set everything up! If anyone has any experience with setting up an adult meet I would love to pick your brain.
Thanks for your interest! I will keep you updated!


Dec 21, 2008
I would LOVE to do something like that. My husband and I actually have a friend in KY, and I think a fun meet like that would be an awesome way to start off the competition season! As long as it happens during the summer because I start school in Sept
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