WAG Anyone know how to get prints of photos on the USAG website?

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Jul 19, 2015
There are some great photos there and I'd like to order some prints. I can see how to create an account and select favorites, but it's not clear if and how prints can be ordered.

Has anyone done this before?

Thanks (and if this is in the wrong forum I'm sorry and please feel free to move it. :)
Darn. Anyone know how to buy photos of national team members? Or posters? I found a couple of things of Gabby and Simone on Amazon, but am also interested in some of the lesser-known team members. We are hoping to frame and auction them off at our team fundraiser.
You could take a picture of the picture you want, and then print that...I did that when my daughter's college wasn't selling a shot I wanted and it came out fine...hanging proudly in my living room!
Bookworm, I'm assuming yours was of your daughter so I get it.

But from the USAG website, might violate copyright and licensing issues.
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I would really like to get licensed photos and not violate any copyright issues but am just not sure how to do so. The photo area on the USAG website has a place for "favorites" and a "your orders" button, but doesn't seem to have a way to actually order....
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