For Parents anyone out there sew their own leos?

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Jan 2, 2009
I make my DD's leos (wish I could do the competition ones, it would save me a fortune!) but I want to try a v-necked one, and I"m not sure how to do the binding. any input?



Are you trying to use 1 long strip of binding and turn the point or are you using 2 strips of binding?
Jan 2, 2009
I haven't started trying anything yet:eek: DD just got a leo (summer team leo) that is made by GK, but has an Adidas logo on it. It seems like they did the neck in a continuous strip that overlaps at the bottom of the "v". It's a different color than the rest of the Leo. I like the look, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Since I'm using 4way stretch fabric, I don't need to cut my binding on the bias, right?

Also, does anyone have a good source for leo fabric? I use distinctive fabrics, but all they have in a really good selection is solid color metallic. I would like to find some fun foils and things like you see from GK or alpha factor. Even a stretch print velvet would be nice. I have one nice piece of stretch velvet (man that stuff is pricey! I got this at Hancock's when they went out of business)

maybe I should post some pictures of the ones I've made!
Jul 26, 2008
Try Or try calling a local performing arts center and asking who sews their costumes and if you might be able to purchase their remnants.

The stretch velvet at Hancock's really isn't that great, unfortunately, and they REALLY like their fabrics there. When it was $9.99/yd it was okay with the 40% off coupon, but my local Hancocks upped it to $14.99/yd. Spandex House will give you better quality velvet - you need to pay shipping, of course, which may or may not make it cheaper in the end, depending on how much you buy.

there's also too; I've used them in the past. Haven't always been happy with their "4-way stretch" though.......

Do you have a bias tape maker? I would probably do it all in one piece with the ends overlapping at the point of the "V" (assuming, of course, there's only one "V"). As a general rule, I don't do bindings on mine - too picky for what I charge!

Feel free to PM/email me if you want to talk about sewing leos more!! Always happy to talk to someone else who shares my passion!
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