Anyone seen this? Thoughts?

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Hmm, first thing I noticed is that it's posted on the CO USAG website. Is it posted elsewhere?
I know I saw something about it somewhere else, but I can't remember where. Both USAIGC and AAU hold National Championships each year for lower levels in fun locations, so my guess is that this is just a way for USAG to keep up with some of the competing programs. It will be interesting to see if it actually takes off and how competitive the competition turns out to be.
With the USAIGC National meet, it's really just a matter of what gyms/gymnasts can afford to pay for the meet, travel, accommodations, and all of that stuff so sometimes competition is pretty limited in some levels/age groups. I imagine this will be a lot of the same, but a potentially good opportunity for those who have the chance to take part. I think we'll just need to wait and see how it actually plays out.
There was also an article a few months back in USA Gymnastics magazine about this meet. I thought it was interesting.
Will be interesting to see how many gyms show up. Its a time of year when girls are going off to gym camps, families on vacation and many schools aren't even out yet. Also for most gyms this is the time to be working on skills/routines for the next level and not doing a competition. I know we couldn't afford this plus all the summer training stuff.
We were going to go to this, but it actually is right in the middle of state competition season.
Really good points about it being during the summer. It sort of looks like it being marketed as a family vacation more than a meet. I wish them luck.
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