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AOGC Closing

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by amiandjim, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. She is just being respectful and neutral guys. Carol does not work for USAG, she has been extremely outspoken against USAG. The organization she formed and is a head of is only in place in spite of USAG . It’s sole purpose was to redirect the money that USAG usually holds into its self . At one point 2 years ago USAG had an incredibly large amount of SoCal money and it was like pulling teeth to get it back. Perhaps someone heee can explain what USAG does with all the fees better than. I can. That email was not an official state email , it was sent to the board and that’s it ... so it wasn’t like a public statement . Guys you are reading. Way to much into it.
  2. I can totally see where you guys are coming from . But knowing Carol and going through texts emails and meeting with her over the past 2 years regarding all of this. I see the neutrality in her statement , but yes I can see what it looks like to someone outside the board. I know had she thought the email would be sent to the public she probably would have worded it different. In other words with 10000 percent certainty, she absolutely sides with the victims. Hope that makes sense as that has been my experience with her on every occasion .
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  3. Thanks for your insight coachp.
  4. I also appreciate your insight coachp!
  5. Thank you coach p. Your insight is helpful, however I also want to point out that people on this board said the very same things about Dunno, and we now all know who he really is and where he stands. I am sure that you understand that in this day and age it is quite difficult for parents to blindly trust - especially when they are about coaches who are admitted (after all they are paying a 1 mil settlement) to abuse. USAG needs to understand (in my mind) that this is no time for neutrality in the case of abuse of minor children.
  6. I hope so. I hope that not only does she wish that she would have worded differently, but that she truly believes that it is NOT a “sad day.” If the abuse claims are true (and the settlement sure seems to indicate that they are) that gym closing isn't a loss or a sad day for the gymnastics community. It’s quite the opposite.
  7. Depends on how you look at it. People are out of jobs and kids are homeless.
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  8. I understand this is a difficult time for everyone and while people out of jobs is serious and kids having to find a new gym is stressful, kids are not indeed homeless. I work with kids that ARE ACTUALLY homeless. You are right. It is all about perspective or ‘how you look at it.’
    Having said that, I do appreciate you giving the context of the email and I do think it is possible to read too much into some things because everyone is so on edge.
  9. I get that it is a difficult time for those involved. And I would have worded the email to acknowledge that. But —preventing child abuse outweigh these. As a gymnastics community we have to stop tolerating abuse — and this is some of the pain that comes with that.
  10. I think it's ok to give coaches and owners caught up in this space to grieve. They are grieving the loss of what once was, or how they thought things were at least. Not the ugly parts, but what was once good and perhaps the loss of innocence. That's how I read the excerpts of her email. It's so much to process. It's easy to say they should be able to just flip the switch, but I'm guessing there are a lot of conflicting emotions at play. I'd be surprised if they think that any of it outweighs preventing child abuse.
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  11. My daughter knows several girls at this gym! Ugh I hope they all find a new “home” that they love.
  12. What happened with Dunno? Did I miss something?
  13. I stand corrected , according to one of my coaches she received the email as well. I apologize, I thought the email was only sent to me and other board members. Which explains why people who don’t know her are upset and how it got to the press so fast. She definitely could of worded it different... I know she means well.
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  14. Read the thread about Steve Penny’s arrest and you shall see.
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  15. A nasty case of anti Semitic behaviour showed his real self. Clues were there before, but this was beyond ugly.
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  16. Wait...Dunno is Don McPherson?!?! Yikes.
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  17. Aka the current Illinois Safety Chair.

    Excerpt from link below:
    “Don McPherson, a member of the USAG-Illinois State Committee since 1978, said he knew in 1997 that a police report accusing Vilchis of sexual abuse had been filed, but that there was nothing he or USAG could have done because Vilchis was not charged or convicted. McPherson also said that under USAG’s Code of Ethics, he feared that his own membership status would be at risk if he shared information about Vilchis related to the police report.”


    All his comments on the Nassar thread make sense now.
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  18. I had a very disturbing private conversation with him at one point after the Nassar abuse came to light. As did one of my friends. He was extremely defensive of USAG and put himself out there as an expert who had insider knowledge at USAG and of the Nassar case, saying "I am involved in the entire issue", claimed they did nothing wrong, claimed USAG knew absolutely nothing prior to June 2015, claimed that the kids knew but no one said anything, and that he did report things as soon as he heard of the allegations in '15. He also made a lot of deflections about USAG and turning the responsibility back to MSU and the FBI. Tried to tell me that he knew when Penny was alerted and that it would come out that he did nothing wrong. He did his best to intimidate me into not posting further on the public forums, he knew the names of every single victim that had come forward in my state (at the time of our conversation this was not possible and I knew this to be certain) and that I should be careful. And then on top of it, at the tail end of conversation, he made some very creepy, detailed and irrelevant comments about what he knew about the underworld of child porn in gymnastics (whos and whens) going back 30 or so years. It made me super uncomfortable that he was so "in the know" about these particular matters.

    I personally feel and felt that he needs to be investigated because his comments didn't add up to the truth. They've been nothing but strange, dodgy and unspecific while claiming everyone should trust him. It's weird behavior from someone that has nothing to hide or defend.
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  19. But it is a sad day. This whole thing is sad. And even though Coach P has explained it all quite clearly, people still say, "well yeah. But....". I still hold that some people will not be happy until USAG implodes and is wiped out, no matter the steps they take to correct things and move forward, and no matter how it affects the gymnasts training today and their coaches and gym owners.

    Money doesn't fix everything, and even with Nassau in prison, others arrested and awaiting their due, people fired, SAFE Sport implemented, etc., some people are still not satisfied and won't be. I know my opinion isn't the popular one and doesn't make for great emotional reading, but I think with some patience and hard work, USAG can be fixed. They have already made some good forward strides in doing so. (I didn't say they were perfect or that they were always making the best decisions, I said they have made some good steps to correct things going forward). The thousands of gymnasts and coaches across the country deserve a careful approach and not a snap judgement to just kill the organization.

    The added parts of the email that were somehow left out correct some misperceptions. It seems whoever released the email to the public was trying to create even more negativity and to make yet another bad guy out of someone.

    (No one has to agree with me, but personal attacks will not be answered and will be flagged.)
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  20. But how will they compensate their victims? Because we know there are many?
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