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awesome thanks! do they say anything in the video that's not written on the right side? i wish youtube came with CC!!!

flippin fool 08

ya me and my friends watch those if we are having a rough time! it really helps to make you feel better


ha ha, this is totally me!! especially the curbs and park benches become balance beams park. I'll be somewhere random with my friends and just start subconsciously doing the choreography to my beam routine. and then the following two things happen:
1. i hear the words: "she's doing it again"
2. I get rudely pulled off my line!:mad:
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Aug 24, 2010
i love those videos. i used to spend all my time watching them.
one video i watched said "You know you're a gymnast when you randomly start doing parts of your routine." that's something i do a lot. ;D
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