OT Are you allowed to dye your hair in competitive gymnastics?

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Jan 28, 2023
Hi, I was wondering if I'm allowed to have dyed hair in USAG gymnastics competitions?

My hair right now is mid-back long, and is a dirty-blonde color and I've been wanting to cut it shoulder length and dye blonde streaks in the front of my hair. I'm hoping to start competing in the DP program this year, so I just wanted to know if you're allowed to have dyed hair that looks unnatural. Also if you have to have a bun or is it fine if I do a ponytail or braid of some sort for shorter hair? Thanks :)
Nov 9, 2022
I'm not sure about dyed hair, but at our gym, the rule was you can put up your hair anyway you like as long as it doesn't touch the back of your next. That is what I assume dp rules are... I usually had a high ponytail... some others had braids, and other buns


Proud Parent
Jan 3, 2016
I would check with your gym. Just because it is allowed by USAG does not mean that it is allowed by your gym. DD's previous gym had this rule but I think that it was only for hair colored in non-natural colors, like pink or blue.


Proud Parent
Nov 1, 2018
No USAG issue with wild hair colors-DD has competed with tomato red hair. Good thing it matched her leo. Some gyms will require hair to be a natural color if dyed, so definitely check with your gym. I'd be shocked if the blonde highlights you describe would be a problem. Even my kid's kind of uptight Catholic school allows that.


Sep 30, 2022
I have hair that is dyed purple from about midway down. It's not bright, somewhat blends in with my hair. I used to have a bright purple streak in my hair. No gym has ever had an issue with this. So long as my hair is out of the way and not distracting I've never been deducted or gotten in trouble. I wouldn't see blonde being an issue.