aregument about series connection..

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Feb 4, 2008
I used to work at a gym where girls did an front hand spring mount onto the beam connected by swinging the arms frome the ears down to the front of their body then back up again into a flic flac this gave them flight plus flight credit...would a step out fhs do the sme thing...fhs step out into a bhs stepout on beam?
If the body keeps moving, yes. it would only fulfill L8 and 9 acro series requirements since it would be B+B (and I think it needs to start on the beam, not from a mount). But there is a lot of room for questionable connections with this series.
the movement does not top and the chest does not drop.... to me the fhs to bhs looks more connected than then step out into bhs maybe it has to do with the 2 footed landing.
Yeah, it may look more solid and less room for the foot to kind of slip or wobble when coming down on a one leg support. But you have probably seen lots of elite gymnasts connect a front aerial (step out) to a BHS series. It is possible, but difficult, and even gymnasts who are pretty solid on it will miss the connection.
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