Article by Blythe Lawrence & Interesting Comment by Dominique Moceanu

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Sep 3, 2005
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Doesn't surpise me at all. Marta gets what she wants and Dominique has made it clear that she does not like the Kaorlyi's being in charge of the USAG selection and training.

WHen you look at how many injured girls come out of the training camps at the ranch, you cannot be surprised at the pressure everyone involved is feeling. Sure gymnastics is a tough sport, but to be told you have to prove yourself over and over before big meets is asking for trouble.

Becca was not performing that vault alone alone week, she always trains with an aso loc brace, neither of those conditions were present during the fateful vault. What was Valeri thinking?? I would love to know.
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Very interesting! I have absolutely no backround in coaching gymnasts, but despite that felt throughout the competition (tv coverage only) that she looked like someone who was trying to do too much too soon. Whether it was Rebecca's own desire to compete these skills or if she did them as a result of pressure from her coaches or Marta, we will probably never know. To me it seems counterproductive to put these girls in that predicament. Rebecca has proven herself in the past as a fierce competitor. Wouldn't it be in the program's best interest to allow these girls the time to heal and come back from injuries as healthy and strong as possible?
When I watched the CG Classic only 3 weeks before Visa, Tim Dagget and Amanda Borden commented on Rebecca coming to compete only bars and she didn't look ready enough on them so was scratched. In 3 weeks no gymnast goes from not being ready on any event to trying to compete AA at a national championship.

As bar princess's mom said we will probably never know the real story regarding who pressured who and why anyone felt this girl would benefit from trying to do a vault she hadn't been able to do all week. In the end everyone loses----very sad.
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I was watching Visas with my DD and when Bross hurt herself on the vault I couldn't help but remember Julissa Gomez. You would think something horrific would only have to happen like that once, but time goes by and people forget. No matter who is to fault, and I would imagine a combination of people, it's important to remember that gymnastics is a beautiful but dangerous sport. Pushing skills that a gymnast isn't ready for might seem harmless, or like the potential benefits outweigh the risks, but in reality it's very dangerous. There needs to be some sort of accountability for that. I would never want my daughter put in that situation or pushed through a system that made her agree to that sort of decision.
no disrespect, DC dad. it's obvious that you do not know the circumstances surrounding and proximal to Julissa's unfortunate and tragic demise.

it's important when having these kinds of discussions that we all stick to what we know firsthand. not presuming or surmising how one might think something happens.

and please, no comparing injuries or kids or kids with their injuries. i was fine and in agreement with what you posted above until you used Julissa's name and in a comparison with pushing skills, etc;

i sincerely mean no disrespect. and...i was there when Julissa was hurt. some things need to be left in peace.
That's okay dunno. I am so sorry about your past involvement. I apologize for offending anyone and I'm very sorry you were there. I didn't mean it as the "pushing skills" agenda which appears to be a big thing in higher gymnastics discussions these days (from what I've seen, something about increased difficulty scores, but I'm sure you know way more about it in your pinky than I could try to comprehend and express). I meant it more in a way that difficult skills (and all skills for that matter) have potentially serious consequences, these girls do them so effortlessly sometimes it's easy to forget. I have absolutely no background in higher levels of gymnastics so forgive me if it sounds ignorant to a trained ear. Obviously gymnastics is a very safe sport with certified coaches on safe equipment with proper practice and progression. I would never let my daughter participate if it wasn't. But sometimes horrible things happen. I just remembered hearing what happened to Julissa, bless her, (I wasn't involved in gymnastics at the time at all, and while my mom had competed herself and followed it closely it was strange I heard and registered it) and just feeling so awful. Watching Rebecca crash on vault for some reason brought back that memory of finding out what had happened to Julissa. I know they're completely different situations, probably far more different than I can ever imagine. Just for some reason it jumped to mind. Thank god Rebecca was okay in a basic sense. I mostly mean it as a concerned parent, no one ever wants to see their child get hurt, it's just a sickening thought. And every gymnast out there is someone's little girl. For whatever reason, coaches, sickness, injury, personal discomfort, or even just a bad day I think it's important to be aware of this and while there's a fine line between overcoming and pushing through and of course taking an unnecessary risk. It's something that can be said for many sports and activities too I'm sure. And once again I apologize if bringing up the comparison offended you, I really mean no disrespect through my ignorance.
I read a biography about Dominique Moceanu and she said a lot about Marta. She doesn't seem to have a lot against her or anything. But according to the book, Marta was the coordinator of beam and bars, Bela being more into floor and vault. Not really getting this.
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