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What other options do we have to watch? Can we watch on the web? Maybe the BBC online stream.?
Anyone have any ideas? Or are we totally at the mercy of NBC, in the USA....there has to be other options.
In your opinion, who has the best sports coverage....balanced and fair?

The BBC will be covering their team, a la USA.....
2012 Olympics is the only thing I've watched through any other outlet besides NBC. I don't remember the 2008 Olympics being so terrible but I think that was before NBC took over.

I really thought that the BBC did a great job of covering other countries last time though, as well as other sports. I'm not sure if they were balanced or fair, necessarily; I guess our coverage is SO bad that anything is better. I wonder what China's coverage is like!
I feel like they could do two completely separate types of coverage;

1: The crap they currently do. They make money doing it that way, they're not going to change.

2: Actually record everything. Like, everything. No commentary. None. You could even just set up 1 camera on each event and leave it on. You wouldn't get the best focus, or angles. It would be completely unbiased, comprehensive, and it would literally be a historic archive. I would pay for that.
I was at the trials, and was excited to come home and watch the NBC coverage, so I could see all of their faces and their reactions, etc.
About 30 minutes into it, I heard the bing-bong of rotation, and realized I only saw, I think, two girls do floor (Gabby, of course). I asked my daughter if she fast forwarded it.
I couldn't believe how much of Gabby they showed. What's funny is that without commentary, there in person, most people I chatted with weren't even really watching Gabby...
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