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Apr 14, 2022
Daughter. 12YO. XG.
She's lost her splits. Her flexibility overall seems to have decreased.
She has to work on that, generally, but there's also been talk of these places that do assisted stretching.
I'll call one next week to find out how often an athlete usually goes (at 75-80 bux a pop) if the stretching lasts, how long it would take to get a split going, etc...
Has anyone in here had any experience with assisted stretching?
Here is a thread that we had just a couple of months ago...

This one was about online flex training... so similar concept... not exactly the same though.
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I have done it, but only for muscles/areas that I couldn’t easily stretch myself. The 30 minutes flies by. I wouldn’t do it for your daughter. She just needs to be consistent and stretch every day. Short, daily stretching periods are better than one or two mega-stretch days per week.
I would give Dave Tilley/ Shift movement science a follow for tips on flexibility for gymnasts. Effective safe movement goes a long way

I don't know anyone that has purchased this... but he offers a 30 day money back guarantee. I'd love to here about it if anyone purchases it...

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Having done a lot of PT with some high level sports specialists, I've only done assisted stretching for one issue. IT bands, being fascia not muscle, require a very specific sort of stretching that's hard to do alone. Basically, it's only effective if you hold the stretch for a very very long time which isn't feasible alone.

Besides that, I haven't ever heard anyone suggest that assisted stretching is a good idea. Deep tissue muscle release, sports massage, myofascial release -- all good for increasing flexibility. Someone pushing a stretch farther than you can do it yourself? Not sure I'd want a "stretch specialist" ( doing that when Olympic level PTs have never suggested it to me.
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