At what age/ level is good to start going to summer camp?

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I have an 8 yo DD who is currently on pre-team @ her gym, and has been doing gymnastics for almost a year now.

She has expressed interest in attending summer camp next year, but I'm not sure if she will be old enough or experienced enough to "get" anything out of summer camp. I've checked some of the camp web sites, and most say they take any level of gymnast, but is this true, and do beginner/ intermediate gymnasts benefit from summer camp?

What I am wondering what age (or level) is a good time to start attending summer camp? I'd like her to be challenged, but not completely overwhelmed.

I'm wondering what everyone thinks on this subject.

Thanks in advance for your input! I'm sure as a beginner parent, I'll have lots more as we venture into this new world!
My eight year old went to two kinds of gym camp this summer. She will compete this year at about level3/4. We're Canadian so it's a bit different.

Her first camp was a sleepaway camp, they take all levels and learn accordingly. She got to try some heavily spotted higher level skills and work on some skills she will need this year. She had a blast, some total beginners from our club went and had a blast to. They did triage them and put them in groups accordingly.

She also went to a day camp where they were working specifically on this years skills, she loved that too.

All that to say, camps that take beginners have lots of levels, they want repeat customers, they will make sure your DD has a lot of fun and that she is very safe so that you will pay for her to return.

My oldest has been to the same camp for four years now and is still begging for more. Each year she improves and she has made some wonderful friends.

Summer camp is fun and away from the pressure of team.

We love it:D
Also, if you're worried about it, does your club run some kind of camp? Our ymca does-we have a camp and the kids are separated by skill level. It's all day, five days a week, but it's like a day camp.
GM NC--welcome. As for the age question that varies alot from girl to girl. Some are ready for overnight camps at age 7 and others not until they are 11. She would be old enough for most of the big overnight camps--IGC, Woodward, FlipFest.

A couple of ideas. Ask if any other girls around her age/level from your gym are thinking of going to a camp next summer. It might make both of you feel more comfortable if some other girls she knows go at the same time. Graceful mentioned a local camp. That might be a good option to start. Some colleges offer camps(day and overnight) or there may be a gym near you that has a nice 1 week camp. Start asking now since these camps fill up quickly and you want some time to get information on several of them.
First...Thanks to everyone who has posted a reply to my question.

Gracefulone...Unfortunately, our gym does not offer a camp at this time. I will keep that in mind though, as they are still growing, and may offer one in the future!

We do have several other gyms in the area that offer "day camps" with former Olympic gymnasts (during the summer), and may give them a closer look when the time comes.

Gym Law...I will definitely ask the others girls and their parents about camp, as I think that may help ease our minds if she has someone there with her instead of going off to a week long overnight camp by herself.

Thanks again for all your help. If anyone else comes up with any other information, or ideas, I would love to hear them as well.
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