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Hey all!

Its getting to that time of year again, and I figure I should go for my LAT. I've been thinking about what my routine should consist of; and at the moment, this is the best that I'm safely capable of:

Pass 1: Fwd Salto stretched, fwd salto ½, jump bwds ½ turn to front support, straddle cut

Pass 2: Round off, bwd salto stretched, fwd salto tucked to front support, splits (2s), straddle planche (2s) to handstand (2s)

Pass 3: Round off, swd salto stretched, butterfly

Pass 4: Y-scale, fwd salto 1/1.

Any comments, or suggestions? I really want to make this an outstanding routine.

NB: Salto elements that roll out (ie: 3/2 saltos) are banned in my division :(
Not open for further replies.