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Just wondering if anyone knows how the routines will be changing next year? Our gym has put a lot of girls up levels, skipping one, sometimes 2 levels because they say the routines are going to be "easier" than previous years.

My friend's daughter does gym at a different club and their girls are all repeating the same levels as last year because they were told the routines would be harder.


Oct 22, 2007
Which levels? 1-3, 4-6 or 7-10
They did have it on the GA website for a while but it is gone now. You can buy the manual now though.
From memory, I would not say there is a great deal of difference and it didn't look a lot easier (certainly not enough to skip 2 levels).
I would say it is roughy the same maybe a little harder....


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Jan 4, 2008
Well nothing has been completely finalized but they are not going to be significantly easier. The level 1-3 routines in my opinion are actually going to be a little harder than on the old system but more practical. The new routines are a better preparation for the higher levels and some of the skills that dont lead anywhere have been taken out and others put in. But basically most kids will move up in the same manner as before. ie if they were a level 2 this year, they'd be a level 3 next year and so on.

The changes to level 4-6 have been minor but a lot of the big bonus skills have been taken out. The actual base routines are almost exactly the same with the only big changes being on the dance skills in level 5 beam. But before you could do things like handspring front tuck and round of, flic back tuck in level 4. And skills like giants on bars and standing back tucks on beam in level 5 and so on. These big bonus's have been taken out for a good reason. basically if you have a level 5 who can do giants and back tucks on beam, should they really be in level 5?

So most gyms will find no difference at all in the level 4-6 routines, the only gyms that it will affect will be those who hold gymnasts back teaching them the really high bonus skills.

Levels 7-10 have changed significantly in that level 7 will be a lot easier, but competitively I think it will be just the same. Under the old rules what you had to do in level 7 was almost the same as level 10 and there was no real progression between the levels, so a lot of level 7's werent meeting the criteria anyway. Most were just getting as close as they could. Under the new system there will be
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