For Parents Awesome Weekend!!!! LSU Purple and Gold Meet

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Jan 1, 2010
We spent the weekend in Baton Rouge! We had a blast. Unfortunately, my hubby had to work and missed all the fun. Friday night-we attended the LSU vs Univ. of New Hampshire college meet. It was amazing. The girls were in heaven. :) They got all the LSU college girls autographs and pics plus a pic with D-D Breaux. She is an amazing person. So friendly. :) The girls got from the college meet-posters, pompoms, more posters and bobble heads of Susan Jackson.. LOL They danced and shook pompoms the whole meet and were shown on the screen a lot.

Saturday-Shopping at the OUTLETS!! So fun. We hung the whole weekend with their coach who is a great friend of mine. Saturday-Em and on other level 4 competed. Goals were met for Em. She made an 8.225 on beam!!!! Her first 8 on beam all season-had made 7's. Vault was better and so were all her scores. There were 30 girls in her group. No placement, but was all smiles and giggles after the meet. She will repeat four, but like her coach said those 8 somethings will be much higher next season. We went and ate at the Cheesecake Bistro. Did I mention that morning at their coach's hotel them met Billy the Exterminator? They talked with him and got pics with him.

Sunday-got up and did breakfast. Drove to coach's hotel. Then on to the level ones and twos meet. Ellie made 9.225 and higher on all events. She was third place all around! :) Her two level two teammates did the same. Those three girls won the first place team award. :) They had been trying all year! There team score went from a 111.4 at the New Orleans meet to a 113.15 at this meet. They beat 4 huge teams!! We left there and ran to mall and ate. Drove back home.

The girls are decorating there room in LSU stuff and can't wait to June when they will go to camp there. :)_ The whole weekend was amazing!!!
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Thanks you all. It was a really great meet. It was our last one of the season as our coaches do not do state meet until level 7. :)
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