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Feb 26, 2007
So Baby Bog had her last meet today and it was so much fun. The hotel last night was great, me and the little girls in bed together, FUN!:D

Up at 6am and off to the comp, only 30 mins drive from the hotel, yay. Started on floor, the floor judge was very, very tough. We score out of 13, gold was with an 11.8: DD got a 10.5 way lower than usual, but she didn't seem too bothered.

Onto vault, last comp she splatted and got a 0.0, this time she got 11.6 and a 8th place, also 1st in her club. She was very happy.

Bars, a great job for her, she got 11.1 which gave her a fourth place.

Beam, she actually stayed on for once, but her handstand wasn't quite high enough. She got 10.75, not bad, not good.

Next in total she got 7th place, the first time they went past 3rd place at a comp!

Then best of all, they won the team banner, they each get a little one to take home and a huge one to hang in the gym, they were so proud and so were we.

Nice to have you all to share with.:D
Nov 9, 2007
Congrats to Babybog....sounds like it was a great meet. What a spectacular way to finish the season. Big hugs and high fives from Illinios.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Yeah baby Bog! Glad to hear she had a great last meet. I stayed in a hotel for my DD's last meet too & we had a blast! I really think it helped keep her calm especially having that first session and not having to rush our early and sit in the car too long. Not sure how I will like it when she gets older and has to travel to other states, but I have plenty of time still.

Now I notice that your score system is different. Good thing you posted place. Are the levels/skills different too? Will your DD stay at the same level or move up for your next season?

Did she have the nicest hair-do at the meet?
Feb 26, 2007
So, here is what Baby Bog competes.

The level 4 vault

Bars - pull over, cast to horizontal, squat on, tap swing, long hang pull over, sole circle dismount.

Beam - two jumps, half turn, pivot turn, handstand, round off or FHS dismount plus one element close to the beam.

Floor - BWO, HS forward roll, two jumps, round off, full turn. The have their own music. BB uses Inspector Gadget, cute.

This is the base routine, scored on 13. Next year she will go up a level and adds bonus skills. On floor ro BHS, fhs more jumps. Beam will add cartwheel and other jumps. Vault will use table to flat back on mats. Bars will add amplitude to swings and either a sole circle half turn or a flyaway. She has all the skills, except for the flyaway now, so it will be an easy transition for her.

As for the scoring system, the elements are worth .5 each (except vault) all deductions are taken from 10, the two scores are added together to give the final score. Just the same as Elite , FIG or Olympic gymnastics. We have used this system for two years, it is very confusing unless, like me , you follow the elite system. I spend most meets explaining in my terrible French, why the scores are what they are!

Yes BB did have the best hair, in fact so many parents came up and asked how to do it. I already have bookings from our older team girls for their Provincial (states) comp, baby bog is too young to go. I will do their hair as a treat.

Baby Bog is 8, to turn 9 next Sunday, she can't wait and Bigger Baby Bog has a meet that day, so we will once more be in a hotel somewhere in the depths of Quebec! Gymnastics is so much fun, as long as you don't take it too seriously.

Bigger Baby Bog is trying to decide if she should compete all four and suffer or just do beam and bars like a sensible girl. We'll see.
Jul 12, 2007
W - CONGRATS TO BABY BOG!!!!! Fantastic scores, & a very fun weekend!! after watching our L9 this season not get any credit for her difficulty - I think I actually prefer the new FIG scoring LOL!

Does babybog get to began training right away for next season???? - I know she has to be so very excited!!! + ANOTHER hotel vacay for her b-day has to be something to look forward to - wahoooo. Happy b-day in advance to your little gymmie :p... keep us updated on big sis' - I know this is a difficult decision for her. She is in our thoughts, and will remain there all week... sending tons of well wishes for a positive week - either way she decides to go - nic

oh yea - and GREAT hair!!! That would take me Forevah!!


Congratulations to BabyBog! Our last hotel experience was terrible, but it involved a late night drive and competition at 8 a.m. the next morning. We have two more hotel stays and I am hoping that the next one will be far more fun. The scoring does seem confusing, but I suppose you get used to it. I know in the men's program here in the U.S. they start the international scoring system in Level 7 or 8. Good news that Babybog has everything she needs for next year! Good luck to older Babybog at her meet - I hope that she decides to stay off the floor and vault.

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