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Aug 9, 2009
Does anyone have any advice on how to do a good back extension roll? I can do a pretty good one with a panel mat but on the floor its horrible.:confused:
Horrible how? What specific problems are you having? Are you arching too much? Going to prone rather than handstand? Simply not making the skill? Or something else entirely?
Well, my arms are bent, and I don't hit handstand. I don't roll back and go straight up into handstand like your supposed to, I have too much momentum which usually causes me to go back and not hold the handstand at all. It's hard to describe.
Try doing without much momentum from a panel mat or panel mat folded in half.

Ya need to make sure those shoulders are in your ears or your arms will bend at the elbow.
The best tip I've heard for these and use all the time is to push your feet upwards towards handstand when your toes are above your nose. If you wait too long you will miss handstand, go too early and you will arch your back.

Also - Make sure you open your shoulder angle (just in case you don't understand this term open shoulder angle is when your arms are stretched right up to your ears. closed is when they are forwards of this position)

Do lots with a spot, when you have done so many that you know exactly how it should feel, then do some without a spot.

Good Luck!
if u are bending ur arms, try turning your hands towards eachother
I'd have to see it to be sure, but it sounds to me like a strength issue. Some core strength work (ie back and abs) will help you keep a tighter body in the extension, and some shoulder strength work (casts, press handstands, handstand pushups) will help you extend your shoulders quickly enough to hit that handstand without overshooting it.

The extension from the roll to the handstand should be lightning fast.
u need a a lot of power. try this drill. sit very low to the ground and push back hard in a pike. after ur used to that add a candlestick. then try a back extension roll. this helps alot. btw, r u level 4 USAG gymnast?
Do a handstand and push down hard against the floor as you extend your body up toward the ceiling as far as possible.

Now stand up and raise your arms, hands turned in and push up and extend the same way you just did in the handstand, just as tight, just and strong.

Now roll back tight and hollow and FAST, arms staying at or behind your ears, and continue the extension and pushing arms away from your center. Lock your elbows and do not bend them regardless of whether you make the back extension to hs or not. If you do not make it up roll back down through candle to your feet and try again. Respect the tight hollow, locked elbow position and do not relax or loose the shape just to "make" it up.

Use an incline and do one on the incline, one on the floor (whether or not you make it up), back to the incline, repeat.

What I tell our gymnasts that seems to help is that the floor/carpet will TRY to bend you, it will try to make you crumple up. You must be tight, pushing and ready BEFORE you roll back so that you are pushing against the floor/carpet before your hands even get to it if you want to make it up. If you wait until you feel the floor/carpet with your hands you are too late and the floor/carpet will win.

Good Luck!
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