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Jul 17, 2009
So I've always had a really flexible back but lately it hasn't been as easy to do some of the stuff I used to do with it and it kind of hurts. Can you recommend some exercises/skills I can do every day to make sure I don't lose my back flexibility? Thanks!
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Thanks but I'm not actually using my back to do skills, I just find it useful to have a flexible back when it comes to doing certain flexible skills. Also I just really miss being able to do bridges and stuff so easily :( Are there any like stretches I can do every day to keep my back flexible?
Honestly just bridges, bridges and more bridges! Rock back and forth while you're in them-it'll help with flexibility!
If your back hurts, the last thing you want to do is more bridges, give them a rest.

Work on your shoulder flexibility whilst you rest your back.

Bridges, bridges and more bridges will just give you stress fractures and lots more pain.

Any back pain should be checked by your doctor, pain is not good, especially in your back.
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