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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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I can do a backwalkover with 2 legs together(by hoping) but in a normal bridge,I think my back arc is increase that?I heard that mostly in men by increasing the age flexibility become less,is that right?
(My shoulder and pike flexibility are great)
Just more repetitions on backbends will help. Also make sure you do lots of shoulder stretches; often when someone's back bend is not so good, it's from a lack of shoulder and chest flexibility rather than back flexibility.

And yes, generally the older you get the less flexible you become, however that is a vast generalization and can certainly be avoided! :)
Yes, as you get older the flexibility is harder, especially in a male due to the muscle build up around your shoulders and back.

They key to great flexibility in male gymnasts is to start them young and continue to develop the flexibility while the boys are building muscle.

But it is not too late to improve your flexibility to some degree, even if you have already gained a lot of your adult muscle.

Chat to your coaches about the best stretches for your needs and do them every day.
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Back flexibility isn't super critical. MAG is more about shoulder flexibility, especially when it comes to PB and HB besides reaching behind you for circling on PH and tumbling.

There aren't really any decent skills beyond B's and C's that require uber flexibility. Have enough to do a decent bridge, and maybe a back walkover or limber.

Chest rolls aren't worth anything in MAG really. I like training locust position but it doesn't mean my inlocates were much better because of it.
That's called a dislocate/inlocate which means the shoulder capsule is pretty limber. Some gymnasts can do this and it's not horrible unless they are too flexible and loose in nature to get strong since generally strength and flexibility are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
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I feel my right shoulder seems to be a little more loose.I mean I think that's more than I want loose and it makes sometimes problems for me,isn't there any solution to solve this problem?
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