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Well I picked up dd today and she had a great time - can't wait to go back again next year. Didn't learn too much in way of new skills - having her wrist hurt was kind of a bummer. Anyway at the end they did awards - and I am proud to say that my dd received a special award and got a t-shirt for it. She won the award for the biggest sleepyhead since she was the most difficult to wake up each morning. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I heard that one :D
Sorry to hear about the wrist and not being able to really work the skills but still sounds like a fun week! Being the biggest sleepy head...LOL...I would too, afterall it is summertime & all that fresh air and camp fun would make me tired too!
Glad she had a good time in spite of the wrist. Love that award!!! Now, time to get past the wrist problem and enjoy the rest of the summer.
Glad she loved it! Sorry about her wrist though- must have been tough. Love the award for being a sleepyhead! LOL.
Yeah I love the award - and at least now I know it isn't only difficult for me to wake her butt up.

She is still bummed about her wrist - yesterday all her teammates got to try double backs into the pit. She was freaking out she wanted to do it so badly. She did get to do double fronts and was actually sticking them pretty good from the tumble floor onto a mat in the pit. She is supposed to keep the splint on for a month - but next week I am going to let her see how it feels using the tiger paw, tape, etc.
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